Capability with dynamic list display types

Is there a way to present a dynamic list as the detailView display type? My device will have custom options that the user will need to select, but those options won’t be known until runtime. I would much prefer to have a list of options as opposed to a text input and expect the user to know the specific value, especially when the device will already have that information and can set it via an attribute.

Hi, @joecoolish!

No, building a list dynamically isn’t currently possible.
What others have done is that they define a long list of possible options and they only show the supported ones using an extra attribute for this purpose and the supportedValues attribute in the presentation.
The value of the attribute can be set when the device is joined after you get the supported values.
You can take a reference from the capability thermostatMode and this sample: Display Types | SmartThings Developers

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