Is it possible to change the color of text in a devices' details tile?

I have chosen a background image that is yellow right where the tile label text is rendered…the background image is transparent outside that area to allow my background colors to come through.

Is there a property to change the color of the label text itself? (It would be cool if it could automatically sample and choose a contrasting color itself, but I’ll use a manual setting for now if it’s available.)

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We wish…

But I don’t think so. The limitations on tile properties are rather frustrating.

If you have access to the device handler, you can try switching from valueTile to standardTile. The latter renders label text at the bottom of the tile. It might not fix it, but it’ll be better. You could also try inserting a line feed or return character ("\n" or “\r” respectively) between the value and UOM.

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It is my own custom Device Type Handler, so yes, under my control. I’ll try that in the interim, but seems like a feature for an upcoming rev.

Nope, doesn’t move it enough, but thanks for the suggestion.

How about if you rotate the image 90° AND move the text to the bottom? You could even try adding a line-feed before the text (though that might make it too small to read). Other than that, I’m out of ideas. GL!

I like the current orientation. But thanks.