Is it possible to activate/deactivate a Simulated Motion Sensor via webhook, or IFTTT?

Nice catch!

it’s actually {EventName} which is motion_detected_driveway. which I believe is correct. (it wraps, not sure if you spotted it)

How about if you copy the url directly from Webcore and paste that into Ifttt with motion_detected_driveway spelled out instead of Event Name?

i tired both, so that wasn’t an issue either… :confused:

I can totally understand your desire to “make this work” using a webhook… But is there a reason you don’t just use my suggestion from above? You would have been done in less than 15 minutes…

Wait…you are trying to have Motioneye send the webook to ST using the IFTTT servive? Then the link you need comes from the receiving app, not IFTTT. I do this with a lot of different devices. You have to use something like WebCore to receive the message. The url you are going to look for is something like:<YOUR_TOKEN_WILL_BE_HERE>/smartapps/installations/<YOUR_KEY_WILL_BE_HERE>/ifttt/<YOUR_EVENT_WILL_GO_HERE>

If you are doing it from motioneye, you’ll never have to set anything up in IFTTT. The trigger will go from motioneye to WebCore.

In webcore, your if has to use the virtual device IFTTT. There are tutorials on that at the WebCore forum.

If you are trying to send the original webcall from MotionEye, you shouldn’t have to set anything up in IFTTT. You’re simulating that the message came from IFTTT for WebCore because that’s the easiest way to get the URL.

This is circular logic!!! Why are you receiving a webcall and sending a webcall. That’s not correct.

Here is my WebCore piston I have for the Virtual Sensor connected to EvenGhost. Because my PC faces away from my motion sensor in my office, it can sometimes miss when I’m sitting and typing for a long period of time. To prevent that I set a “Simulated Motion Sensor” (that’s the DTH- stock ST) and then set it up in webcore to react to two webcalls.

Then, EventGhost sends each of the two webcalls when appropriate. Never had to set anything in IFTTT, no other switches of any custom code other than this little piston.

Reason I was using IFTTT as a middle point was so i could use the input to both trigger the motion sensor and have IFTTT fire off a PushBullet notification as well. But I guess I could just use WebCore to get notifications on my phone, although my desktop won’t get notifications.

You can’t use the same trigger twice in ifttt. You’d have to look at something like Stringify. However, why not just do the SMS or push notifications in WebCore? A lot more reliable than IFTTT.

agreed, i’m rewriting my rules.

IFTTT also usually results in a significant delay. I tried to integrate RING with Hubitat via IFTTT(webhook), and IFTTT added about 30-90 seconds of delay. I ended up using a Ring to SmartThings to Hubitat integration which is actually near instant. This was so I could get a motion event from Ring to my Hubitat hub.

Did you get this to work?
I’m wanting to do basically the same thing using openEye and webcore. So I can send a sms or push knowing the camera saw motion.
If you did, could you just give me the basics on how it would be really appreciated.

I’m also interested in understanding this thing. You say that I can call via an url to trigger a switch to be on or off? If so how can I manage to do that as this is what I’m trying to achieve

You can do this with Webcore, but there’s a simpler way. :sunglasses:

Simply use a virtual device which is both a sensor and a switch. Then turning on the switch with any method, including smartlighting, a voice assistant, toggling in the mobile app, etc will make the sensor look active and turning it off makes it look inactive.

People most commonly do this with a virtual contact sensor (so switch on =sensor open), but you can do it with a motion sensor as well.

No webcore required.

This is a very popular method for integration with Echo routines, but also works with IFTTT. Just remember to authorize the switch in the SmartThings app for use by IFTTT.

You can see how this is done including sample code for the dual purpose virtual device in the community FAQ:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

I’m exactly trying to do this! I created a virtual switch to toggle an alesa routine, now I’m trying to control this switch via a webhook by ifttt but when I configure the ifttt part, after autorizing and selecting my virtual switches, then when I have to select them to toggle on/off they don’t show in the dropdown

If you are using a virtual device with dual capabilities, both switch and sensor, it will look like two different devices in your device , both a switch and a sensor. IFTTT can’t use a sensor as a “that,” so make sure you have authorized the switch.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to daisychain it. Create a second virtual device which isonly a switch. Have IFTTT turn that one on. Have that one coming on trigger a SmartThings piston/automation to turn the dual capability one on. Clunky, but it should work.

No the device it’s just a switch, it doesn’t have any sensor capability.
But I might find the problem and I’m really sorry because it’s very very stupid…
searching for a method to do that I found smartthings that I have as I own a samsung phone but never used it. I didn’t realize that maybe I need a phisical hub to do that even if the switch is virtual and even if it already does work with Alexa. Maybe IFTTT need the hub for some reason. If that is the reason I think I should buy a samsung smartthing hub

Unfortunately no… I purchased a samsung hub, configured it and still ifttt does the same… I really don’t know what to do

There is only a strange thing: I have 2 locations, one is Casa, only my smartphone is connected to that, the other is Home, and it’s where I have my hub and my virtual switch. I linked ifttt to Home (I did it again just now to be sure), not to casa. If I select smarthings as the IF I don’t see anything if I choose switched on, closed, and even Temperature or humidity (I have an aqara sensor that I bought and it’s working), the only thing I see is in the presence where I see the smartphone (that should be in the Casa location!). So I’m wondering if there is something wrong in that.