Is GE fan controller 14287 suppose to come up as a dimmer?

Even though they have the GE fan switch in there list of items. All I could get it to identify as a GE dimmer switch. Still works with percentages. Just not what I was expecting or heard about.


yup, that’s normal… try this device handler if you want low/med/high buttons


Thanks Jimmy. I’ll check that out. But why do they have a fan switch in their device listings but not use it?

not sure what you mean by not use it. that handler was created by a community member. the speed buttons just set the dimmer levels that match the speed thresholds.

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To device handlers and smart apps, the fan and standard switches are the same - On and off plus percent dim (0 to 100). You can change the icon at any time to a fan. They do not have separate device handlers because that increases the maintenance costs when changes are made.

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I grabbed tried your code to replace another custom DH for my GE 14287, it worked excellent. Very clean and well done, thank you!