Is an offline device really offline?

I have a couple of switches that go offline fairly often. However they still seem to work fine other than through the ST interface. They still work fine with Alexa and with the example below they work fine when a routine runs. The device from the report still shows offline even an hour after the report is updated with the activity. Device Health is off. Of course it’s easy to get it back online.


I have two Kwikset 910 Z-Wave deadbolts. One goes “offline” every day, the other has never gone offline. I do have device health turned on. I command it through Action Tiles and it responds without any issues. If i click on it and close the “device offline” warning and hit Refresh it refreshes just fine. I suggest you email support ( and see what they say. I did and got back a vague answer that pretty much said “yeah we know its happening but since your device still works its really just a inconvenience so sorry about that.”. Curious if you get the same.

I was told in another thread that it didn’t have anything to do with the last firmware update but mine only started to happen afterward so I don’t know. Have you had this issue for a while or has it been since say mid July?

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Mine hadn’t been installed that long. Just a couple months. And yes support was no help. He was telling me my switches were possibly too close together. Like none else has three gang light fixtures. I yesterday did put a Zwave plug on a wall across from the switches _emphasized text_and have not he’d that issue yet. Knock on wood. That’s what was telling me to try.

I have a Quickset 914 and initially had it connected to but i kept loosing conneteion and I couldn’t do a thing with it so I swtched it to ST AND IT WORKS GREAT. Alarm was telling me since I had no wired other zlink in the area the signal might be getting lost from the hub 2feet Away.

How far are the locks from the hub and do you have quite of bit of wide Zwave devices percent?

I have GE dimmers and fan switches throughout the house, and multiple in the same gang box without issues. The nearest one to either lock is less then 10 feet so I’m not worried about Z-Wave coverage. My issues started with the last firmware update…before then it was fine. If they both did it then maybe I could see it as a device issue but its only one. Tried changing batteries, no change. And the fact that it takes commands fine but just “shows” offline is pretty annoying.

Maybe I’ll ask support again and see if anyone else is reporting the same.

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My experience almost exactly. I have one that goes offline occasionally. My mesh is strong with Z-Wave devices in almost every room (and Z-Wave Plus near the offending lock).

Has it always done it or has it started int he last two months?

I’ve only had the locks about a month so I cant compare back to an earlier time.

Damn…was hoping your started with the last firmware update also. Oh well…you should contact support also, maybe point them to this thread, and ask if they have a solution.

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