iRULU WiFi DLNA Speaker lamp

I’ve been looking for a low cost DLNA speaker to use as a door bell and siren. I spotted the iRULU speaker/lamp today. It seems amazing value even if it only works as a DLNA speaker but if we could control the LED lamp from Smartthings it would be even better. Has anyone tried it? I just ordered one from an Ebay seller. I will update once it arrives.

Its RRP $99.99 but I paid just $40.


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Did get the speaker yet, if so how did it work? I’m also looking for something to alert when our rear motion sensor detects our cats.

It didn’t arrive yet. Hopefully I’ll see it in the next week or so. It ships to the UK from China. I think they ship US orders from within the US, so it would likely arrive quicker.

I expect the Generic Media Renderer should work for the DLNA speaker in this device, so an audio alert for your motion sensors would be simple.

For the LEDs, these are supposed to be controlled from an app on your Smartphone. Hopefully I can hack something to control it directly from the hub. I emailed iRULU to see if they will share any info.


HI @blahmartinblah , @obycode has a device for awox striimligth , maybe is similar LED Smart Bulb

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The Awox Striimlight is using UPnP for the light control over Wifi. You can take a look at the device type here:

Thanks guys. Hopefully the iRULU lamp uses something logical like this. I’ll let you know what I find once it arrives.

Unfortunately the reply from iRULU when I asked for help on this wasn’t helpful:

“I have checked for you that the LED light cannot be controlled without use of the smartphone App.Hope you could understand.”


Still not arrived :frowning:
I did notice the price has been reduced further on Ebay to $29.99, just in case anybody else wants to give this a go.

I bought one too. Now the waiting game starts… Even though it said it was shipped from the US is still shipped from China. So no quick delivery…

The thread started by asking about a low cost speaker. I’d been looking for something for exact same use - alerts, siren. I ended up with a little 808 Thump speaker along with a Sabrent Wifi, DLNA receiver. Total $45. Works just as intended, but still keeping an eye out for an optimal solution that’s neat and clean. Interested in hearing how your travails work out.

Anyone get these to work?

Unfortunately mine never arrived from the supplier :unamused:

I have one but the StriimLight connect cannot find it :frowning:

Can’t get this to work. MediaRender connect see the device and installed the DH. BigTalker can see and seems to send something to it because i can see the light flashes different colors BUT no sound at all.

hi @cuboy29, Have you an iRULU speaker? may be the speaker take more time to process the command, in the device settings you can add more time between actions, could you test, I really want to know if this cheap speaker could work, thanks

I received my lamp today (Third time lucky!) and got it working without too many problems.
First I followed the setup procedure in the manual to connect it via WiFi to my router.
On Windows 10, I enabled streaming and was able to find the speaker and play music from Windows Media Player. It’s no Bose Hifi, but for the price I am still happy.
In the Smartthings app under ‘MyApps’, I found and connected the device using MediaRenderer that I previously installed. I then used ‘Speaker Notify with Sound’ from the music and sounds category of the Marketplace to play a sound when a button was pressed. It seems to work reliably.

Cost of the speaker including delivery from China to the UK was $18.65.


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Hi was anybody able to control the Irulu LED light through ST?

I would also like to control the LED light. StriimLight doesn’t work as you mentioned, but I have done some initial investigation into how it works. It is not UPNP like the audio system as far as I can tell.

Control messages are broadcast by UDP on port 6000 of the network’s broadcast IP. ( on my network) Here are some of the commands I have observed:

I found port 59671 of the lamp is open, and responses to the above commands can be observed.

Response to find_devices gives the device unique ID and current status:

Response the turn on/off/set light:

I was manually able to control the lamp without using the Android app by sending the above commands using the “Packet Sender” software on Windows. I’ve never written a SmartApp before. Could anyone use this? Happy to do more hacking if needed.


So I spent today hacking together a basic device handler that lets me turn the light on/off and adjust the colour.
It turns out that Smartthings doesn’t support local network UDP/TCP right now, so I had to write a proxy that is running on a web server (on my NAS) that acts as a gateway from http to UDP.

The communication is only one way which isn’t very good. The app can lose track of the status of the lamp. I’m going to work on it some more and see if there is some way to query the current status (that comes on port 59671).

Any luck in trying to get it to work?

Here is some half finished code if anyone wants to play. I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing which you’ll no doubt notice if you are an experienced coder… but it is basically working.

The file ‘udp-gateway.php’ needs to be placed on a local webserver that runs PHP. It converts http requests from the Smartthings hub into UDP commands that the lamp understands.
There is a bit of hard coding in there sorry.