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Irrigation option (UK)


(Noam Leshem) #21

Hi again. I finally got around to trying you suggestion. I wired the positive from the valve to Q1 and negative to the 12v. You say the positive from the 12v goes to the Fibaro but for the life of me i can’t work out to which terminal on the Fibaro i should connect it to.

(Alwas) #22

Without opening up the outside box, I think it’s “I”, the third one in, like in the diagram above, if you aren’t sure I would get an electrician in to do it for you. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot about this setup on the internet.

(Noam Leshem) #23

Thank you for all your help. I got it to work but needed two transformers. One for each valve. I have the newer version of the relay and it doesn’t have an “I” terminal only L, N, Q1, Q2, S1, S2. I connected each transformer negative to N and the positive from one transformer to Q1 and the second to Q2. Not elegant but works. Need to work out the software side but should be ok.


I have a Rachio installed in the UK, integrated with a local PWS. Works brilliantly.

(Noam Leshem) #25

I’m still perfecting my system. I want to schedule it to work every two days but avoid running when it rains. I had a look at CoRe or ifttt but can’t find the right information. Anyone around to help?

(Ben Flux) #26

Rachio works on 240v, @Needlerp?


Yes you just need to make sure you have the correctly rated 240v ac transformer to the DC voltage the Rachio runs on.

(John Lockwood) #28

For what its worth one of the very few ‘smart’ irrigation systems that is officially available in the UK and Europe is Gardena. They have at CES 2019 announced they will be adding IFTTT and Apple HomeKit support this year. They already have an integration for Netatmo Presence outdoor cameras.

I could not find anything to confirm whether they support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Smartthings. I did find indications that 3rd party integrations for Fibaro HomeCentre and other platforms like OpenHab seem to have been created.

It would be nice to see an official Smartthings integration.