Iris Z-wave Outlet Not Showing Up in Automation

I just connected an Iris z-wave outlet to my ST hub, but it won’t show up in automations, scenes, etc. I show up as connected to my hub, but won’t show up when I try to create an automation, custom or otherwise.


What’s the exact model number? It should be on the back of the device.

does the device show up in the ide or my home? i bet not. probably need to do a general device exclusion for the zwave utilities and try again.

It sounds to me like you are talking about a V2 smartplug. I am not aware of any Z-wave outlet branded under Iris. If it’s a Z-wave smartplug then the problem is you need to pair the Zigbee part first. The z-wave portion is only used as a repeater and will not show up in any automations.

There were some issues with pairing the Zigbee side. Here is a thread that deals with that.

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