Iris Web Portal

Just saw this…
You Spoke, We Listened. The First Wave of the Iris Web Portal is Here.

I am surprised to see Iris still around after trying their first hub. How does it compare to ST these days? Anything like SmartApps, custom device handlers or CoRE?

Cool. Competition is always good. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have CoRE (SE) work across several platforms? :smiley: I know, neither of the platforms would have anything to gain from that, but users might :slight_smile: Dreams…

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In my opinion, SmartThings gains when more stuff works with it. I suspect Iris would be less pleased though.

CoRE is the only reason I have invested so heavily in smart devices. 95% of the automations I have set up are more complicated than the"official" smartapps can handle. There’s no way I would ever consider a closed platform at this point, unless it had a good rules engine like CoRE available.

Love that you can access your devices and setup rules and scenes.

It’s a good thing that this finally happened. It’s criminal (to their V1 customers) that it took this long. Second Generation Iris has been our since November 2015, so 15 months later the web interface arrives, albeit in a limited form (i.e. No camera support)