Iris Smart Water Shutoff Valve?

Cory, Make sure you do not have batteries installed yet. Take the control part and the power brick to your hub and start pairing mode on the hub and then plug in your leaksmart. That is how I did it. It went into pairing mode as soon as power was applied.

the leaksmart is zigbee so these things won’t help.

assuming you have a good zigbee network - maybe try resetting to factory. The instructions say to press the center button 5x quickly.

After rebooting my hub, unplugging my valve, and plugging it back in, I got it to pair. Thanks! I did change the device type after pairing from smart outlet to zig bee valve. Thanks!!


And, here it is. For others thinking about doing this, if you use Shark Bit fittings (see attached photo), it’s a pretty straightforward DIY plumbing job too. My first plumbing job, so if I can do it, anyone can. You only need 3 Shark Bite fittings: one male threaded (attached to valve), one female threaded (attached to valve) and one “slip” coupling (to give you the space to connect existing pipe). No soldering required! Easy peasy. I will note that with your plumber’s tape on the threaded shark bite fittings, you REALLY have to crank the fittings type to ensure leak tightness.

I’ll also note I didn’t bother with the bypass line that some have installed. As you see, if for some reason the valve fails open, I have the manual gate valve upstream. And, if the valve fails shut (unlikely), you can always just unscrew the four screws on valve body and manually turn the gear to re-open. One nice thing about the Shark Bite fittings is that you can also remove them with the special tool provided with the fittings (in case you have an issue with your valve and need to replace it, for instance).

Good luck! I’ve had water damage in previous homes, and am super psyched about this nifty device. WAY cheaper than Fortrezz. I paid $160 for the valve through Lowe’s. I don’t remember what the fittings cost, but not much in comparison.


@johnconstantelo Your code for the ZigBee valve device appears to be gone on your repository. Is there anyway we could get that back? I’m interested in using your device type.

@reid_crowe, oh crap! Let me go back into my archives. I’ll be right back.


Hi @reid_crowe,

I remember why I deleted it. Even though I don;t have one of these valves, I created a new version to use ST’s new tile formatting. This should work for you:

@johnconstantelo Thank you so much for putting this out there!

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Configure seems to not be working. I’ve added an issue on github

Hi @reid_crowe, all the configure tile does is ensure the right parameters are set, and log a message. There’s nothing in the phone app you’ll see.

Is the device handler working to control the valve? If not, please watch the live logs and capture what you can. I used ST’s base code from their Zigbee Valve device handler, so it should work.

@johnconstantelo everything is working on the valve. Thanks again for all your work on this.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to make this valve “local?” My water sensors are listed as local, but not the valve. My internet was out for most of the day yesterday and I noticed this gap. :cold_sweat:

FYI, I am running it as “Zigbee Valve”


That is the default device handler from ST. If it’s not listed as a local device, then someone at ST would have to explain why. Perhaps not all ST developed handlers aren’t local yet?

I’ll confirm that mine is also using the stock zigbee valve DH and it is not listed as a local device.

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Has anyone been able to get battery level from the Iris water valve?


Does anyone know whether this valve can be installed outside? Is it weather proof?

Kevin- It seems like every time I buy something (BTW, this is getting really out-of-hand!), you’re there with a great DTH. Just want to say Thanks.

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I know the feeling. The main reason I created this DTH was to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t buy more devices.

@greg deserves some of the credit for this DTH. I don’t have this device so he had to do a lot of testing in order for me to get it working correctly.

I haven’t had a chance to add anything to the “Things that are Smart” wiki, but I have compiled a list of all my SmartApps and Device Handlers that includes descriptions, links to their code and their forum page (if they have one).

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I too would like to know if anyone ever got this valve to be a local device? I would really like for this to work even if the internet is out.