Iris smart home button

I migrated to Smarthings after Iris by Lowes shut down a couple of years ago…I was fortunate that most of my devices were able to move over with relative easy…I have continual problems with 2 and wonders what others had experienced or suggestions to do besides buy another product. If that is the case, I need suggestions for that also.

Iris Smart Button - at first it did not work with Smartthings and then some change was made and it worked…I have started having issues with them no longer staying connected and working as a device, but can give a command thru Alexa… that is not always ideal when letting dogs out in the middle of night, I don’t won’t be shouting at Alexa to turn on an outside light and wake everyone else in the house up!

Go linear (Iris) Garage door opener - it stays offline more than online…and I have to run a 50 ft ethernet cord out to the garage each to reconnect…and that gets quiet annoying!

Any help to fix these issues would be most welcomed or suggestions for new products to replace. ( I have about 145 smart home devices…mostly GE and Iris)

Thanks for any help!

I’ve got three of the Iris Buttons. They do work fine when paired to SmartThings (or Hubitat).

However, the design of the buttons’s battery connection is terrible. Only one of my three has a perfect connection. The other two were both somewhat intermittent; the battery just doesn’t press up well against the internal contacts. I can see this as the LED redoes the power-up sequence when I press them. The result is that they will drop offline and not report temperature. On one of them I was able to put cardboard around the battery (bottom and edge) and it was enough to make it touch the contacts and never go off. The third one I haven’t been able to make stay on no matter what I try, so I just put it in my “HA box of shame”.

It’s really sad since the Iris v2 motion and contact sensors are, IMHO, some of the best. (I’ve got over 60 of them combined)


thank you for your experience…I guess I need to look for another smart button from another company. :upside_down_face:

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Hi my friend … your Iris Smart buttons are like these ?? Lot of 5 Iris Smart Button 3460-L | eBay
Thanks in advance !..

Those are them. IMHO, not worth that price.

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