Iris Smart Button

Yes. :sunglasses: Almost all zigbee and zwave battery powered devices sold for home automation are sleepy devices. It’s done to extend the battery life.

That said, your points about the strength of the mesh are definitely important.

As far as your other comments about network topology, I’ll just say that’s not quite how it works. I don’t want to hijack this thread with a long technical discussion, but there are other threads that already exist to discuss the various protocols if you’re interested in those details. :control_knobs:

There is an acknowledgment methodology in mesh, and messages do get sent more than once. But there’s no forced sequencing.

It should be enough for this thread to say that strengthening the mesh is always a good idea, but some zigbee devices are better at failed message management than others, and this particular one doesn’t seem to be very good at it. But then, this is also a very inexpensive device, so that’s not that surprising.

If you want to discuss specific protocols further, the following is a good thread: