Iris Keypad Door Chime Not Working

I’ve have my iris keypad integrated with my smartthings through the SMH Delay Version 2 and Lock Manger for about 5 months now with no issues. A few weeks ago the keypad started acting funny and the app said that the battery was a 0% and a black dot was showing on the keypad icon in the app. A couple of days later I noticed that the keypad no longer chimed when I opened the door nor does it chime when I enter the door to turn off the alarm. I keypad still chimes when I press the buttons so I know the device is not broken. When researching this I found the thread which fixed the 0% battery life but the door chime still does not work. Any help?

What are you using to control the chime when a door is opened?

Can you modify that rule logic (or create another) to output to another audio output device to verify that the rule still generates an audio output?

I’m using the SMH delay which uses a simulated contact sensor. The door chime on the keypad actually just started working yesterday without me doing anything. But the keypad still doesn’t chime repeatedly (like it use to) to warn me to turn off the alarm when I get home.