Using Iris alarm key pad as a chime?

Does anyone know if somebody has figured out how to write an app that will use the alarm key pad as a door chime when something opens? A friend of mine has the iris system and says that he does have a chime. I was hopeing that one of you geniuses cold figure it out.

I have it mostly working. You have to install the Iris Keypad device handler and the CoRE app through the IDE and then it’s relatively straightforward to set it up in CoRE. It’s not super responsive (sometimes 1-2 second delay), but it does work. If I remember correctly, I had to tweak the length of time that the chime plays in the device handler to get it to play long enough to be audible.

I think others have had some luck taking other approaches. Everything you need is in the forums, but your comfort level with the IDE will determine whether this is fairly simple or super complicated.

That’s just it, comfort level I’m really good at following directions. But OMG that core engine is way over my head I’ve tried doing simple things and could never get it to work.

I have it installed in the device handler and the core app. Can you tell me where in the core app I find the chime?

I set up a CoRE Piston that looks like this:

Piston Mode: Simple
Any of Front Door, Back Door, Garage Door contact changes to open
Using Keypad 1 and Keypad 2…
|> Beep

Hope that gets you in the right direction!

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worked well first try