Iris by Lowe's indoor outdoor camera setup?

I just bought a brand new Iris by Lowe’s indoor outdoor camera.

How would I set it up to work with SmartThings?

you don’t/can’t

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Return it and get your money back… There is no support for the Iris cameras on any other platform other than Iris, which goes end of life on March 31st. Also, all 1st Gen Iris Zigbee devices are useless as well as they use a proprietary Zigbee protocol.

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I bought it off of someone off of Facebook no return possible. It was too good of a deal to pass up it also came with two door sensors and a motion sensor. I’ll have to mess around with it but I think you enter a local IP address to access the camera interface.

Take a look at this thread discussing the takeover of IRIS cameras via FTP/IP (I don’t remember?):

This guy is the brains behind the project:

It will not let me download it.

what would be the username and password for camera?