Iris experience

I’m curious if anyone had actually used the new iris system from Lowe’s?

I currently have GE link bulbs, ecotech motion sensors and door sensors, Phillips hue, and Amazon echo.

Are these devices compatible with iris? Or would I have to but new stuff… But most important, would echo work?

There’s no echo integration at the present time.

And no IFTTT, and no HomeKit.

You might be able to get voice using some of the android options, I don’t know because I don’t use those.

The devices for the new line (But not the old one) will mostly work with SmartThings, and a number of community members are using them because the price is good. You can find forum topics on those under “centralite sensors.”

See the following for general discussion:

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Thanks, I’m actually using several of the iris contacts with my ST system. Mostly I was just curious of the compatibility of outside devices with iris. Kind of like I can but just about anything and hook it to my ST.

I like to know my options!


As I understand it, the new Iris line is using the Zigbee ZHA 1.2 home automation protocol which they were not before. But there’s no way to do custom device types.

So that means when a new device comes out, if you can use one of the existing official Iris device types, it should work. But if it needs a new device type, you have to wait for Iris to provide one.

That’s one of the things it’s so different about SmartThings, that the community can develop and share device types in advance of official release. :sunglasses:

And that is the reason I am here… And why I plan to stay. I see great potential here.