IQ Panel as secondary hub to ST

I have using IQ Panel. I installed ST and moved all switches to it. I have no switches installed on IQ Panel. I read that you can make IQ Panel become a secondary hub. I would like some detail instructions how to do so. By making IQ Panel secondary hub, can it control some automation tasks through IQ Panel was doing an ok job but hated the fact that I had to say,“Alexa, ask to…” each time I wanted my lights turned On or Off. please give me instructions how I can make IQ Panel or ST secondary hub so I can use Alexa without saying Alexa ask I also have liftmaster garage door opener hub MYQ and I know works with them too on app. Is there a way I can put all devices to, and make ST secondary hub. If I can do that, that will allow me to set a rule to turn off all lights, close garage door as soon as I arm my alarm to away. If I make ST secondary hub, will my lights work with ST app too. Please suggest best alternative and detailed instructions to do this. Thank you.