Ip outdoor camera

I need to buy a ip outdoor camera today at lowes, homedepot, bestbuy for $100 or less?
it need to have local recording and work whit smartthings.

Officially? Not going to happen. Samsung Smartcam pro and Arlo are the only two approved to work with ST. By that, I mean works with SHM. Both those options are over $100. Blink will work with ST but you have to order it. First camera w/bridge will run you $99. you will need to purchase separate DTH(driver) from @RBoy to make that work.

It will not work with SHM but it will function and report alarms in ST. You could also use Foscam C1 or C2. They run about $79 right now on Foscam site.


This will also fall under the same restrictions as Blink, you will need to purchase DTH from
@RBoy. Believe there are some generic DTH floating around in the community for Foscam, but I recommend @RBoy because they are regularly updated. Totally worth the money.

That’s the best I got to offer. You can find Foscam at Bestbuy, maybe the other locations.
Just remember when using ST or Ip camera your biggest loophole here is the internet connectivity and power.


Actually 720P outdoor are on sale today $60 with code 72WBLT

I jest got a FI9805E need to setup whit st how do I do it?

You will need to purchase and load this as your DTH in the IDE.

Then pair camera to ST.

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How do I do live on 4g LTE?

Did any one integrated https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0756NJXDW/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= these cameras with Smarthings Hub?

Thank you

I install Hikvison cameras for work. We have to use Hikvision NVR to get video from the cameras. They get an IP addresses assigned to them from the NVR but I don’t see anyway to use them outside of the Hikvision NVR. It may be possible with “extra” work somehow but IMO not worth the effort because if you brick the camera Hikvision won’t help you. They only deal with authorized installers.

my foscam FI9800P
active camera unavailable
How do I view the camera in smartthings?