Dont know what camera to get (for outside)

Im stuck on deciding what camera to get for outside. Both arlo and blink seem to be good cameras & i don’t mind paying for rboy’s apps for the blink camera but which camera is the easiest and semi compatible with smartthings? reason I say that is because I see there are still issues with arlo integrating with shm. I’m not sure if there are issues with Blink & shm. From what I read both cameras have a delay when recording based on motion. I have an active house (nursing for my daughter) so most of the time i would like to have the outside & downstairs armed & daytime have armed if no one is home. I would like for the cameras to record if it detects motion, but is that possible? I really am stuck on what to get. Looking at both camera systems, I think Arlo is better, but I’m not sure how much success people have had getting it to work with shm & motion. Guys, any input I appreciate it because like I said, I am really stuck.

You’ll get mixed reviews, but I went with Blink - 10 of them, indoor and outdoor. Couldn’t be happier. Rboy’s app is awesome.

True, but Blink’s delay I don’t believe isn’t too bad. There’s only been a few times where I was notified of motion and didn’t see anything in the video. In a few instances it turned out to be a wasp crawling over the camera’s sensor.

Rboy’s app will help you do that along with other SmartApps. I use Routines to turn on/off the cameras based on phone presence. What you want is very doable.

Yes, via Blink’s native app depending if you have the system armed and motion enabled. I always keep my Blink system armed, but I turn off motion detection on certain cameras when people are home. When we all leave a Routine turns them on and then motion events are recorded.

Since you said you have an active home (battery life should be a concern for you w/Arlo?), and want some flexibility on how your cameras interact, I think Blink would be the way to go.

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