Blue Iris with Smartthings

I for the life of me cannot get BI to work with smartthings. I keep getting a camera unavailable. It does not show motion. I have followed the Blue Iris integration to what I think is to the letter. I guess I am not a code guy but I have added several codes to smartthings. Right now I do not care about security.
Just want to see my cameras working in smartthings and also trigger devices to turn on with motion from my cameras. Cannot figure out what I am doing wrong in the setup. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Do it the easy way. Set up virtual switches with ST, then make a piston to turn on those switches. Every piston can actually be executed by using the URL to that piston in a web browser.
Find the URL and put it in the trigger/alert task in BI. So when the camera detects motion or whatever, it executes the URL, triggers the piston, turns on your virtual switch, which can be setup to do anything in ST.

It is pretty fast to respond and does everything I need to it to. Dont need separate handler for BI in ST either. Trouble shooting is much easier since they are separate too.


Would it be possible to guide me in doing this? I like the fact it is easy troubleshooting.

i had sam issue, spend ages of finding where i went wrong with installation. till i have restarted blue iris server on the computer everything was spot on running