iOS 2.2.2 - Release Notes

@JDRoberts Buhahahaha! Well there you go…just proves once again that I am a complete and utter pillock. It also proves my wife’s theory that I have Alzheimer’s because I did the exact same thing the last time there was an update. :grin:

Thanks JD. Your WAF just gained 50 points with Her Ladyship.

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excellent update

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Nice update but when will we see iOS features such as TouchID and Force Touch?

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What I would really like to see is an iPad version. At the very least, allow it to expand to the full screen size. I showed what it might look like here:


Would you mind letting us know what the “threshold” is for a low battery indicator? I’m using a custom device driver on my Trippers that shows voltage instead of percentage so I think all are triggering because of that (voltage at 2.7, etc.). Not your problem - just seeing if I can figure a workaround or will just switch back to percentages.



After this update, there’s no longer an option to change the icon for a battery operated device. Looks like you can still change them for mains powered devices.

Was that intentional to support the new battery reporting feature? Or a glitch?

@slagle @Tyler

See something interesting in the battery power status here? :wink:

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Which model/version of moisture sensor, and what is the battery reported in the IDE?

SmartSense Moisture Sensor (Centralite)


temperature: 67
battery: -22
water: dry null

This is fixed in the upcoming hub firmware release. Sorry for the trouble!


Not a problem. Wondering what kind of battery it uses. Will have to check and replace.

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Something broke in this update. I’m having this issue too.

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This has been reported and Samsung is supposed to be fixing it. Really stinks since it breaks the most essential function of the product.

oooooh haptics when you turn a device on/off… (iPhone 7)

This totally sucks! I’ve been logged out from the app again and my widgets are gone. I cannot re-enable them no matter what. WTF??

Edit: I was able to finally turn them on after 10 or 15 tries. This is a :ant:

Widgets now only display one line of routine name text before truncating. Any chance we could get our second line back? It’s tough to fit a descriptive name into a single line. Thanks!

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I agree!!!

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Or the ability to order them? Either would be fine with me.

A good workaround is adding a number to the front of the name. Of course this eats up valuable characters when you can only see one line :wink:

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