iOS 2.2.1 - Release Notes

  • We smashed a bug that would not allow widgets or the Apple Watch app to function correctly.
  • Squashed a bug that would log you out if you did not have internet and were using mobile presence.
  • We spent some time making hub offline notifications better.
  • Display a persistent banner when the Hub is Offline.
    • This bar is dismissible and that setting will persist through sessions.
  • Show error notification when running a Routine and the hub is offline or extend is unplugged.
  • Deleting devices that are in use by SmartApps just got a whole lot easier.
  • Improvements to the lightbulb color picker.

@slagle - Thanks for all of this. Apple doesn’t show it available to update yet, but I’ll give it a try when it does.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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I can confirm this bug also! When selecting routines from within the ST APP, a red banner shows saying that the routine did not fully complete and the hub is OFFLINE, even though the hub is ONLINE!

The routine works correctly and the widgets are working correctly!

Yes, I get same error, but fortunately routines actually execute. I will just pretend my hub is online and ignore the message.

It’s almost as if they tested the watch and widget execution and never bothered going into the app.

Head of Mobile Dev has been made aware.


Quality Control -1

We know what the issue is. It is independent of the App update. Working on it now.


The messaging is wrong but your routine is still fully executing. The messaging can be fixed without requiring an app release.

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Seeing this here as well.

I hope you declared that as a long.


Are you also seeing a hub offline banner in the app or in the side menu?

My side menu is correct and is showing ONLINE.

The big app banner.

Side menu is correct.

Hi Everyone, I am happy to report we found the issue, have a fix and are in the process of deploying it right now to production. Recently we made a change to support better hub offline reporting to customers. Unfortunately if you are a developer using the IDE to simulate SmartApps then we are reporting an additional hub to the mobile clients (called a Virtual Hub) which is reporting as offline.

Thank you everyone for the prompt feedback and response on the issue. This and recent issues reiterate the need for a beta program with the community and various customers. We will be talking about this more in the coming weeks and making a better plan.


Thanks Kyle for the detailed explanation. That is definitely a perfect use case where Beta testers can catch these bugs as it’s hard for QA to test every possible setup and configuration.


This kind of response is completely unnecessary.

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Get over it. This hobby is not for faint hearted. :wink:


Ironically, one of my hubs did go offline this morning. Both the banner and the side menu reported the fact. By and by (probably after Comcast got their “stuff” together), it came back online and all was well again. The red banner was dismissible, as stated.

So the obvious use case worked today for me…

Another regression from previous versions: When the application starts after having been terminated by the system due to memory pressure, it no longer remembers the previous selection - it now always starts up in “Things” view whereas in previous versions it correctly remembered that I had last used the “Rooms” view. Combined with the glacial speed of updating things that makes the application even slower to use…

I didn’t notice anything. What was the change?

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