IOS 13 adds NFC support to HomeKit Automations

This is awesome if you have an IOS device!

Note that NFC recognition will work even if your phone is locked and in your pocket as long as you get close enough to the tag, and can be used to, for example, then unlock the door. :sunglasses:

This will be a real boon to Wheelchair users, but I know there are many other possible use cases.

You’ll be able to use Siri shortcuts or use a Phillips hue bulb as a “man in the middle“ To get some smartthings integration as well.

So after years of saying “if you have an android phone… NFC tag“ we can finally now add “if you have an android phone or an iOS phone running iOS 13 or higher… NFC tag.”

Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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Can also use Hombridge for almost tots access to the ST ecosystem.

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Hm… Echo speaks rendered my DLNA speakers useless, now this will make my beacons redundant. :wink:

I can see this being very useful and you can do some fun stuff with it. Shortcuts can also connect to WebCore via Webhooks and send variables to Webcore. (a good demo was to use shortcuts to play specific songs on an echo device). So far this had to be triggered by voice command running the shortcut manually. With NFC you get a location based trigger.