Intesting use case for Fibaro RGBW controller

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That’s really cool. I like that… yet another project to add to my list!

From what I have seen on my security camera, the delivery guys threw my packages at the door without even stepping on the porch, I wouldn’t think they’d bother with putting them in a box like this :confounded:


It depends a lot on where you live and how frequently you get packages. I do most of my shopping online because I’m a wheelchair user, and my delivery people generally need a bit of training to understand where to leave the items. Not only does it have to be inside the security gate, but they can’t just leave it on the ground or I can’t bring it in. We have a separate section with a raised shelf where they’re supposed to leave it.

I have had many conversations with supervisors at all of the various delivery services to make sure that there are the appropriate notes on deliveries to my address.

It works quite well most of the time. The November/December time frame is always bad because they have a lot of temporary people working as box runners who just run the packages up to the houses while the regular driver does all the paperwork.

But for much of the year, it’s the same two or three drivers, and they do get used to the system pretty quickly.

I probably get somewhat more courteous treatment since both the drivers and the supervisors know I’m in the wheelchair, but I have able-bodied friends with a similar bin system and they said both UPS and FedEx are very good about using it. In their case, the regular postal service ignores it, though.

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What kind of lock did you use exactly? I’m supper curious about this and deffinetly want to give it a try for my house.

What I don’t get is why they can’t follow instructions, any of them. For each and every delivery I specify “place in backyard, inside rear folding door”. It would take literally ten more seconds to follow the instruction, and keep the packages safe from both weather and thieves. But it never happens.

It’s an odd business calculation to say “it’s less costly to pay off on a claim than to serve the customer correctly”, but that’s what they do.

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