Smartthings door contact inside post box

Hi all,
New to the smartthings system. Have a starter kit and a few add ons. Have an idea for my next use but have a feeling it may not work so looking for experiences.

Our postbox is on the side of the house where it can’t be seen from inside and so you never know when the post has been delivered. I was thinking of putting a smartthings door contact on it so I know when post is delivered but it’s an all metal post box which I have a feeling may have an issue with signal? Any experiences??

I have a similar topic that was posted right before yours. Some good ideas in there for my mailbox in a concrete enclosure that might apply to your topic.

This will work as long as your mailbox is not too far away from your hub. Mine is just outside the front door and even though it is metal the sensor has good connection. I am using Smartthings multisensor and set up a rule that if the sensor sees vibration (and has not sensed vibration for the past minute, to avoid repeated false alerts) and the front door is not open I get a notification.

You can try out the sensor connectivity by just putting it in the mailbox and see if you get consistent temperature readings…