Interop with ZigBee RF4CE remotes & dimmers

Preface: I’m anxiously awaiting my V2 hub so I can jump into the SmartThings universe. Complete newbie to the platform here.

I was looking at ZigBee compliant products at Home Depot and came across this RF4CE remote-controlled dimmer . I already have several of the CabLED / OptiLED light strips, and this would seem like an ideal way to enable automation for them. Incidentally, if the Hub could understand and react to the commands from the RF4CE remote, it seems like the remote itself might be worth the $50 (judging from other interest in dimmer-type ZigBee remotes elsewhere on the board).

So, the question: is ZigBee RF4CE a protocol that SmartThings can support, or could support with a reasonable amount of effort? Anyone ever tried pairing a RF4CE remote with ST?

If no one has, this will be one of the first things I want to try out once I get my Hub in.

I don’t think so. ZigBee RF4CE is likely not compatible / interchangable with ZigBee HA (Home Automation) at all, and would need a second ZigBee stack / chipset in the Hub…

A little like the difference between Bluetooth and ZigBee, same frequency, different protocols.