Internet of Things - Stack Exchange Q&A Beta Site

Hi everyone,
Stack Exchange have recently launched a new Q&A site for the Internet of Things, which is now in public beta! If you’re not familiar with Stack Exchange, they’re the company behind Stack Overflow and various other question sites - any programmers here will know how useful Stack Overflow is for programming problems, and hopefully the IoT Stack Exchange can become a similarly valuable site for the Internet of Things.

However, if the site doesn’t receive enough support from the community, Stack Exchange might shut down the site (which would be a real shame), so it would be awesome if you could visit and ask/answer any questions, especially about SmartThings!

I do hope this will be interesting to some of you (Jody Albritton, one of the developers here, suggested that this community might be interested), so feel free to ask anything and I’ll try to answer with what I know.