Internet of things for non Internet of spouses/children

To be politically correct: “spouses,” not “wives.” My mom is the computer science professor, my dad has no tech skills whatsoever. (Hi, Mom! LOL)

Anyway, there is an option for each kid’s room if you want to go to the trouble, and you just want button control inside the room rather than for kids on the go…

  1. you get a cheap android tablet, should be under $50.
  2. You install a version of SmartTiles or a similar dashboard app and install only the devices that tablet has access to.
  3. You wall or desk mount it in kiosk mode inside a frame that doesn’t give them access to anything else.

The following picture is from a similar community created dashboard by florianz. Again you would limit the tiles in each room to the ones that kid is supposed to have on/off access to inside their room. So each display would be a little different.

Whichever dashboard SmartApp you pick, now each room has a “control center” that doesn’t let them access the devices in any other room.

This won’t keep them from sneaking into another kid’s room and turning things on and off, but they can do that now.

It’s a lot of set up work for the parent, but has a nice wow factor for both the kid and their friends. Cost is pretty low.

Another option is the Enerwave sc7 remote for each room. Wall or desk mount, less cool looking than the tablet, but might meet the need for some families.

But my new favorite is the battery operated Smarten IT 3 button toggle switch. Costs about $50, can work sitting flat on a table or mounted anywhere, excellent for Nontechies, including my service dog. :wink:

I have written a long step by step install FAQ for it:

And yet another control option for bulbs controlled by a Hue Bridge or WeMo switches is the Amazon Echo with voice control. Works great. This is our most common method for controlling lights. The Echo doesn’t yet integrate directly with SmartThings but a Hue bridge can talk to both so the Echo is a nice add on.


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