Can I get a configuration example?

(James P Dehnert Sr) #1

I was going through the list of devices that “work” with the SmartThings hub and I have several Intermatic HA03C and HA04C modules that I would like to get connected. The app on my iPhone will send me to a copy of the devices instruction manual, but that has no info on how to connect it to a z-wave network. All that is done via the controller.

I also have an Intermatic HA07 controller that I also cannot connect to my SmartThings hub.

I seems to me that if these devices are listed as compatible, then the good folks at SmartThings should be able to tell us exactly how to connect them, but I can’t find anything.

So, does anyone have a step by step procedure that will allow me to connect either of these devices to my SmartThings hub?

(Duncan) #2

It should be pretty much the same as these instructions:

Yours likely need exclusion, so start with the second part (starting with 1. Go to the left menu)

(James P Dehnert Sr) #3

I tried that procedure. Probably a dozen times, with no luck. I replaced the batteries in my HA07 before I did this because I was hoping that I was running on weak batteries and that was causing a low signal output, but nothing changed.

Here is what I have been going.

From the Dashboard, I click on the +
In the Smart Setup, I click on Connect New Device
When the app is searching, I push the Include button on the HA07
The HA07 flashes Transmitting for a few seconds, then it flashes Not Successful

The SmartThings app never responds. I have tried this for hours moving the HA07 between every try and I never get a connection.

I’m very frustrated at this point. I’m getting ready to just move on, but I really want the Smart Thing Hub to work for me.

(Mike M.) #4

I’m not familiar with these devices… In the case of the HA07 (a controller, right?) is the include button used to include client devices or to include itself to a parent controller? You might be telling two controllers to scan for client devices.

Do you want to exclude the HA03/4 modules from the HA07 (I’m assuming they’re paired with it for control) and reinclude them on the ST hub, or are you looking to bridge the HA07 to the hub?

(James P Dehnert Sr) #5

The include button is used to add new devices, but I can’t figure what other buttons I would use to add the controller. Ideally I’d like to add the z-wave devices without the Intermatic HA07 controller, but that does not seem to be doable.

I am hoping that I am just doing it wrong, there just isn’t any info on how to do this that I can find.

(Mike M.) #6

I don’t know enough to say whether the ST hub can control the modules through the HA07. I think Duncan was suggesting that you exclude the modules from the HA07 and reinclude them on the ST hub.

A quick search for “HA07” turned up this: Will Secondary Controller Still Work?

I’m not sure if the info is still current, but it has to be better than my guesses.

(Duncan) #7

I was referring to including the H03/4, if you join the HA07 to your SmartThings hub it will not bring the modules with it. You have to exclude those and re-include them to the hub.

Looking at the HA07 manual, here’s what I’d try to join it to SmartThings:

  1. Reset the HA07 by holding Include and Delete for 10 seconds until the screen displays “RESET” and then hold Channel 3 ON and OFF buttons until the screen displays “NETWRK CLEAR”.
  2. Tap Connect New Device in SmartThings to start include mode on the hub
  3. On the HA7, hold the Include button for 5 seconds until the screen flashes “COPY”
  4. Press the Channel 2 ON/UP button, then wait for the network information to be transmitted.

After all the devices have been added to SmartThings individually, you can add the modules to the HA07 as you did before in order to use it to control them.