Intermatic high voltage contactor

Ok… I desperately want one of these to replace a static timer. Anyone know if it will work with SmartThings?

I’m using it with my pool pump. It has two outputs but only one shows up with smart things… Not sure why the other outputs don’t show up because they did with my vera lite.

Yes this works , however ST will only control on/off of first relay ( in the 2xSPST mode) and both relays simultaneously (in the 1xDPST mode). the 2xSPST individual control is something that exist in theory however currently there is no device type in ST to handle it properly.

Thanks guys. I have ordered one of these as they seem to be discontinued and want to get one before they’re gone. Seems Intermatic has abandoned all of their Z-Wave stuff. I would much prefer independent relay support as I am sharing a single circuit with a dryer and water heater (be nice to disconnect load A when connecting B and vice versa). But I can live with the DPST setup.

So what device type are you guys using with this, and has anyone taken a shot to support the independent relays? If Vera can do it ST has to be able to.

Has anyone been able to get a device type working for 2xSPST mode? I have two of these and I would love to be able to control each relay separately!

Look around post 92 at Intermatic CA3750 2xSPST control with SmartThings