Integration with Home Monitoring in Canada

Are there any approved or known companies that offer home alarm monitoring that’s compatible with Smart Things in Canada?


Hello, I live in Canada, and I wonder why do you need such a monitoring service?

I integrated my home alarm system (ADT) to ST and since then, I don’t need to have a central as I can receive all my alarm system notification(s) on my smart phone(s) and tablet(s).

With my integrated cameras, I can see what’s happening at home at any given time, and intervene
remotely if needed (ex. turning the alarm off in case of false alarms).


Hi there, the reason is simple - for insurance. 15% rebate on home insurance if you can provide a certificate from a home monitoring company.

@ennovative, I don’t know how much you pay for your home insurance, but at 15% discount, the business case is thin. In my case, the extra cost of the monitoring service at around $240/year was not enough to justify the rebate.

Of course, your case may be different.

My 2 cents.

I work selling home insurance and agree that the argument may be thin…but the same could be said with the entire ST system. I’m still interested in any responses to Keven’s original question. I like the ST concept but if I can get my insurance discount and I end up paying $7 a month for a traditionally monitored home alarm with all of the advantages of ST them I am golden.

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@yvesracine – A monitoring service has the ability to deploy police in the event of a break in or firetrucks in case of fire. Getting a notification on your phone telling you your house is on fire isn’t helpful if you’re traveling. By the time you get the notification, call 911, provide them the address your house is either ransacked or burnt to a crisp…

I would love to see a local provider with ST. I currently have Rogers Smart Home monitoring - they deploy garbage locked down Zigbee sensors that my ST Hub can’t see.