Integration phone alarm and Smartthings

Not sure if it’s well known as I just recently found out, so I wanted to share. If you’re using the stock Android “Clock” app you can set up Google assistant to perform actions automatically when you dismiss your alarm. It can be super useful, I for example created a virtual switch and a piston in WebCore, when I dismiss my alarm, Google assistant turns on the switch, and then the piston is looking for motion on the stairs, if there is no motion for 10 minutes after the switch is on that means I didn’t get out of bed (many times I had dismissed my alarm and fall asleep again) so the piston turns my bedroom lights at 1% as a second attempt to wake me up, 5 minute more of no motion, the piston will set the lights to 100% and finally 5 minutes more and the piston will play music at full volume on my Sonos.

Haven’t been late since I implemented it.