Integration of Argentina brand BGH A/C with smart control?

Hello everyone,

I was trying to understand how to start with developments and it got really complicated.

In Argentina we have some air conditioners (their brand if BGH) with “smart control” and also a “smart control kit” which allows to control other brands’ A/C. (the smart control was designed by and both use the same app)

Such smart app has an api and I would like to know if anyone is also insterested in integrating it and how difficult this can be.

Here’s the PHP code for it:

Thank you!!

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Hello to the ST Community members!
I have the same problem as @Nacho1 to integrate my “BGH” air conditioner with “wifi control kit” provided by “Solidmation” with Smartthings. Since I’m not a coder, to do so I asked customer care of these brands to provide at least an IFTTT channel, but I didn’t get any response.
I tried to integrate it by using Broadlink RM2 + RM Bridge + ST Smartapp but I wasn’t able to get the IR codes from the remote (frequency issues I believe).
I also tried to mount a node.js to capture the A/C wifi commands sent by the app to my router, but that didn’t work either for me coz it was far away from my knowledge.
Since I recently found a Homebridge plugin ( which is able to control this wifi A/C unit throu PHP ( and that the user @bendews successfully wrote a ST smartapp I believe similar to the one we need ([RELEASE] Daikin WiFi Split System v1.4.1), I would like to ask if someone could give us a little help to achieve the integration.
Thanks in advance!

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someone has had any news about it ? The same, trying to integrate BGH (argentina) to something ( alexa google home smartthing ifttt harmony )

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Hi Everyone!, @Poecraft32, @pizzinini, @ [Nacho1]
Any update on it?

Sorry, I missed the first tag.

You may be able to integrate via homebridge. I you set it up with a smartthings and the other one you mentioned above. I recently posted detailed instructions here:

Here is a description of how to add a 2nd plugin in the config.json file:

You can then set up a virtual switch in Smartthings that is seen in HOmebridge and write rules in Apple Home that let you control your AC.

This is all not 100% straight forwardbut may be doable with some persistente :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Fantastic! thanks for your time, and help

can you guide me? I have smarthings and those bgh smart airs and cant figure how to control those with smarthings.

You will need to install Homebridge somewhere. I recommend a raspberry pi but most other computers that you leave on all the time work, too. My instructions above are for raspberry pi 2 (I have never done it on another device but other raspberry pis probably work exactly the same). The installation is not straight forward and you may have to re-start it if you make a mistake - happened to me, too.

In addition to the Smartthings plugin for Homebridge, also install the BGH plugin (I assume the command to install it is the same as the one for the Smartthings plugin)

You will also need an apple device and have an apple ID.

When you installed the BGH plugin and discovered your homebridge with your apple device you can control your BGH device through the apple home app.

When you installed the Smartthings plugin you will also be able to control Smartthings devices through your apple home app.

You then create a “virtual switch” in smartthings (search this forum for instructions on how to do that). Then you can write rules in the apple home app to control your AC (e.g. when the virtual switch turns on, turn on the BGH device; when the virtual switch turns off, turn off the BGH device).

Hope that helps.

Buenas quisiera saber si pudieron utilizar el Smart control de BGH con Google assistant en Android? De ser así como lo hicieron, yo no pude hacer por tasker ni por Ifttt

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Any news on this?

Thank you

Sorry, I don’t know anything about BGH. I was only able to help on the Homebridge side.

Thank you, I know there is a PHP REST API for them, I just wondering if you or someone knows how to integrate that API with SmartThings (and then with Google Home).

Hello everyone, I need to buy 2 units of the “BGH smart control kit”, but I have my whole house domotized with google home, the application is not compatible.

They told me to use the Midea Air soft.

That soft is compatible with google home since I use it with an Aire Surrey and it works great.

Could anyone test if Midea software really works with BGH Air Conditioner?

Thank you,

Hola Nacho, pudiste integrar el BGH smart control kit con ST o cualquier otro sistema de home automation? Gracias

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Hola Adrian, pudiste integrar el BGH smart control kit con ST o cualquier otro sistema de home automation? Gracias


Hola, Yo los tengo integrado a Apple HomeKit por medio de homebridge y el plugin homebridge-bgh-smart - npm. Pero el desarrollador no da soporte hace rato (se está dedicando a otras cosas) y la verdad que estaría bueno que alguien lo actualice. Al margen de esto, funciona MUY bien…

Muchas gracias por el dato.

No, al contrario… te cuento también, porque lo encontré hace poco, un plugin de homebdrige EXCELENTE que es el camera.ui (GitHub - seydx/homebridge-camera-ui: Homebridge plugin for RTSP Cameras with HSV, motion detection support, Image Rekognition, Web UI to manage/watch streams and WebApp support). Habilita cualquier cámara IP (en realidad que pueda transmitir por rtsp) para que se vea como cámara en HomeKit, pero lo “maravilloso” de este plugin es que podes habilitar (para esas cámaras) el Homekit Secure video (incluso con detección de rostros). La verdad que si tenés dispositivos de apple, homebdrige es maravilloso… casi cualquier dispositivo lo pude agregar a la casa inteligente y manejarlo (muy razonablemente). Incluso la tv LG que tengo el manejo de homebdrige (y su plugin) es MUCHISIMO mejor que el nativo. Cualquier cosa pregúntame/avisame. Saludos,

Buenísimo, me voy a poner las pilas y desempolvar una RaspberryPi que tengo por ahí tirada hace años a ver si lo logro instalar.