Gree airconditioning in smartthings


I installed a Gree airco this weekend and it comes with a wifi connection and a nice IOS app that lets me control the airco via the internet. I haven’t been able to find any serious smart integration and I would love to see it in my Smartthings so I can automate it better :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

In order to truly integrate with ST, the a/c would need some kind of open API so that someone could write a device handler that talks to the server your a/c connects to via wifi. Or a closed API and the company agrees to develop an integration with ST themselves. At least that’s my basic understanding as a non-coder type person.

If that’s not an option, you can consider plugging your a/c into a smart outlet controlled by ST. That would only give you on/off control, and then only if your a/c returns to its previous state after the power cuts out and then comes back on.

If the a/c has an IR remote, you could also look into the Remotec ZXT-120, which is an IR-to-zwave extender for a/c’s. Harmony hubs can also control a/c’s via IR.

I know this thread is really old, however someone has put their time and effort into making an API


Would be cool if someone could make a DH for it :slight_smile:

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oh wow :slight_smile: I stumbled on this by chance! I have gree but I switched to tado for control. So easy and I’ve integrated my heating now also. Using the valves in summer to control the fans and not the radiators.

I just use the OH binding to control it now ( and then control it with a simulated switch and IFTTT from smartthings. Works well

How did you get the openhab-greeair-binding to work? When i try to add it to smarthings it doesnt really show up. could you help me?

I have an Openhab instance running on my server with the binding installed and then control that from smartthings with a virtual switch and IFTTT

Not the most efficient way but it works

Like other IOT devices with ill attempt at security, Gree’s protocol includes an encryption with a fixed key (Broadlink is another example that comes to mind). Unfortunately, at the moment Smartthings’ set of allowed libraries do not include encryption libraries, so building a proper solution is not possible. The only option is to go through an intermediary server.

Not sure if this is any help or not but there is what appears to be a pretty complete set of implementations of the GREE API on github in multiple languages and frameworks ( Seems like someone who knows what they’re doing could leverage this into a ST device handler so we wouldn’t have to go through Gree’s crappy server to access units over the internet.

Understanding of the API is not the issue here, but rather the lack of encryption support within Smartthings’ groovy implementation.
I’ve opened a feature request to add this a white back (trivially requires only adding a few more Java libraries to the whitelist), but I’m afraid the chances of it being addressed are slim.

I am beginner, I have a request if you would not help with the problem. I need to do a webhook that will turn off the air conditioner. I understand that all the api code is there. However, I don’t know how to write it so that it logs in and then executes, for example, the disable command. Please help.

Is it still the case? I see that there are updates to control libraries for OH, e.g. (, it would be great to have a DH for it. Especially, it’s pretty hard to get any documentation for the EWPE/ cloud, so cant seem to find a way to use it as native intermediary :frowning: