Gree airconditioning in smartthings

(Frank Reymenants) #1


I installed a Gree airco this weekend and it comes with a wifi connection and a nice IOS app that lets me control the airco via the internet. I haven’t been able to find any serious smart integration and I would love to see it in my Smartthings so I can automate it better :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

(Mark) #2

In order to truly integrate with ST, the a/c would need some kind of open API so that someone could write a device handler that talks to the server your a/c connects to via wifi. Or a closed API and the company agrees to develop an integration with ST themselves. At least that’s my basic understanding as a non-coder type person.

If that’s not an option, you can consider plugging your a/c into a smart outlet controlled by ST. That would only give you on/off control, and then only if your a/c returns to its previous state after the power cuts out and then comes back on.

If the a/c has an IR remote, you could also look into the Remotec ZXT-120, which is an IR-to-zwave extender for a/c’s. Harmony hubs can also control a/c’s via IR.


I know this thread is really old, however someone has put their time and effort into making an API


Would be cool if someone could make a DH for it :slight_smile:

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oh wow :slight_smile: I stumbled on this by chance! I have gree but I switched to tado for control. So easy and I’ve integrated my heating now also. Using the valves in summer to control the fans and not the radiators.


I just use the OH binding to control it now ( and then control it with a simulated switch and IFTTT from smartthings. Works well

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How did you get the openhab-greeair-binding to work? When i try to add it to smarthings it doesnt really show up. could you help me?


I have an Openhab instance running on my server with the binding installed and then control that from smartthings with a virtual switch and IFTTT

Not the most efficient way but it works