Integration of Argentina brand BGH A/C with smart control?


Hello everyone,

I was trying to understand how to start with developments and it got really complicated.

In Argentina we have some air conditioners (their brand if BGH) with “smart control” and also a “smart control kit” which allows to control other brands’ A/C. (the smart control was designed by and both use the same app)

Such smart app has an api and I would like to know if anyone is also insterested in integrating it and how difficult this can be.

Here’s the PHP code for it:

Thank you!!


Hello to the ST Community members!
I have the same problem as @Nacho1 to integrate my “BGH” air conditioner with “wifi control kit” provided by “Solidmation” with Smartthings. Since I’m not a coder, to do so I asked customer care of these brands to provide at least an IFTTT channel, but I didn’t get any response.
I tried to integrate it by using Broadlink RM2 + RM Bridge + ST Smartapp but I wasn’t able to get the IR codes from the remote (frequency issues I believe).
I also tried to mount a node.js to capture the A/C wifi commands sent by the app to my router, but that didn’t work either for me coz it was far away from my knowledge.
Since I recently found a Homebridge plugin ( which is able to control this wifi A/C unit throu PHP ( and that the user @bendews successfully wrote a ST smartapp I believe similar to the one we need ([RELEASE] Daikin WiFi Split System v1.2), I would like to ask if someone could give us a little help to achieve the integration.
Thanks in advance!

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someone has had any news about it ? The same, trying to integrate BGH (argentina) to something ( alexa google home smartthing ifttt harmony )


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Hi Everyone!, @Poecraft32, @pizzinini, @ [Nacho1]
Any update on it?

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Sorry, I missed the first tag.

You may be able to integrate via homebridge. I you set it up with a smartthings and the other one you mentioned above. I recently posted detailed instructions here:

Here is a description of how to add a 2nd plugin in the config.json file:

You can then set up a virtual switch in Smartthings that is seen in HOmebridge and write rules in Apple Home that let you control your AC.

This is all not 100% straight forwardbut may be doable with some persistente :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Fantastic! thanks for your time, and help