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Integrating window shades with SmartThings (Axis Gear)

Hey Chris, pushing to open and shut would be tricky but for the twist rod you could look into something like this:

We haven’t tested or used that product in anyway so we can’t endorse it but you may want to have a look!

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Definitely heard good things about Serena shades in the traditional motorization space. Do you mind throwing out a ball park of what you ended up paying?

Echo doesn’t have Thread support. You can integrate with it through ASK.

@chrisb this one looks like a much nicer looking solution. Just seems very vaporware at the moment. That’s what I’m aiming for with my DIY Particle Photon project.

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To anyone interested, we’ve added Z-Wave integration as a stretch goal and also updated the page quite a bit. Took a bunch more photos and just overall made it look more awesome.

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Hi @Jackson_Johnson . Would you mind sharing the steps of how you integrated your Serena to ST using the harmony hub?

I just ordered some at homedepot solely based on your comment that it was possible. :wink: opting for lutron Serena over Somfy with the ZRTSI.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t speak for Jackson, but I paid $612 for the motor, shades, and bridge on a pretty large 87" X 57" window.


:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: $612!!! I just felt a little sick for a second.

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Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled. But to put it in perspective, the average cost of blinds for that sized window would have been ~$200-$400 (depending on the quality). Blinds aren’t cheap. To outfit an average sized home with new blinds can cost upwards of $2K. So for Automated “Black-Out Shades” in my MasterBedroom, I can live with it, for now anyway. :smile:

Here’s hoping more retrofit solutions come-out ( and start using Zwave or Zigbee protocols.

Not too, too bad price wise really, considering that cost also included the shade. Definitely heard of much steeper pricing - it can be ruthless. Did you manage the installation by yourself or have to hire someone?

I just ordered it, so haven’t had a chance to install. (ETA of 12 days). Planning to do it myself–it’s battery powered and looks super easy. Just a few screws for the unit to the inside top of the window casing… insert the batteries… and hope the measurements came out right. :smile:

Nice! Good luck on the install. It’d be cool to see how it turns out!

I know I should whine in another thread, but I can’t believe four basement windows automatic light blocking will cost me over $1,600… I’m pondering hacks, or maybe we can just close them the old fashioned way GASP! :smile: Carry on all with your talk of awesome automated shades.

Yeah it can honestly be stupid expensive. The cost is really the main reason we tried to come up with another solution. It’s weird because motorization aside, even decent window coverings can be crazy expensive as well.

We hit 100% of our goal! :tada::tada::tada:


I’ve worked on a project to build something very similar. I’d be 100% interested if this was weather proof as I’d really like to use this to open / close blinds on a screened in porch.

Hey Craig, we’ve had a few others interested in using Gear outdoors - it can handle moisture but not excessive direct contact with water.

Just saw an article about Axis Gear in an Electronic House email today. Automated shades has been a huge want for me, so I’ll be closely watching and waiting for this to come to market. Good luck and congrats meeting your funding goal!:confetti_ball:

Did you manage to get it to work? Does it integrate with ST?

I did. Super easy to install. Smart things integration required a lutron hub and harmony hub. I could justify the harmony Hub because now my entertainment systems are integrated as well. Otherwise another $100 just to see the shades in ST is expensive.