Integrating WiFi Switches/Plugs that use the Tuya SmartLife App or eWeLink app

Unfortunately that won’t work either. Since the original beta test, the globe suite integration has been locked down and now works only with devices of their own brand. :disappointed_relieved:

You can get in touch with GoSund and ask them if they can add their own smartthings integration.

Also, you can use Alexa routines as a means of partial integration if that’s of any help. See option 4 in the FAQ:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

Unfortunately I’m a Google Home user. I’ll keep looking around.

To those of you still waiting for a solution here, a partial solution is available assuming you have the same use case.

I wanted to add the smart life devices to smart things so that I could use the motion sensor automation to turn on / off the lights when there is motion detected and not detected. If you follow the solution in this thread, but only enable the SmartLife to SmartThings automation for both On & Off, the solution will work for most cases.

The edge case is if you toggle the light thru and outside source and the two get out of sync. In this scenario, as long as your no-motion routine eventually fires, it will force the virtual device to turn off, which should put them back in sync. Personally, I don’t use a lot of external sources to turn the lights on and off like alexa or google home, so this partial solution has been working fine for me.


Smart life just announced that they will stop using IFTTT…this morning

Since I used a virtual switch on smartthings to use the smart life devices, with ifttt in between…what would be the next solution…any idea ?

Here is the solution


You can use the Amazon Alexa app as a “man in the middle” for partial integration, although it may not be enough for your needs. :disappointed_relieved: It’s easy to set it up to control plugs, but if you have SmartLife wall switches, there’s no way to let SmartThings know that the switch was controlled at the wall. So just depends on the details of what you need.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

They announced it a while back. Today they actually shut it down. Depending on what actual device you have, if it supports flashing Tasmota, that’s a great alternative to using Smartlife altogether. Most plugs can be flashed without any soldering, just using a RPi.


home assistant habitat that is it…

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In the Paul Hubbard video that @leonardo09 linked to, he says two things:

One) Ifttt has raised their charges to the device company, which is why some of the device companies are dropping them

Two) specifically for devices that use the smartlife app, there is an Australian company called “brilliant smart home“ which has a reskinned version of the smartlife app and has their own Ifttt channel. So if you add your Devices to the “brilliant smart home“ app you can then use their IFTTT channel. And Hibbard says that that company has told him they are very recently renewed with Ifttt, so they should be available for at least one year. (However, it’s not clear to me what will happen if the company finds that it’s costing them too much money to support brands other than their own.)

Hibbard suggests you use that app for now while you look for a longer-term solution.

Note that the one that he is talking about is “brilliant smart“ from Australia, not “brilliant smart home control“ which is a different company.

This is the one:


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This was announced in October last year, but been more than half a year and still no news on actual integration yet…

Read it again.

The companies are excited to jointly showcase Globe Electric as the first Tuya customer to integrate its Powered by Tuya product with the WWST program.

They said the first step would be globe electric, and that integration was released a couple of months ago and is working fine. But it only works for the devices of that brand.

Globe Suite and SmartThings Integration Complete


sigh…obviously I just glanced through that announcement…that sucks! WIsh they did the integration directly in their smartLife app instead…Tasmota it is…

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I am looking for some support, I have been trying to set this up successfully but failing badly.

I hace created 4 IFTTT applets in my IFFT as per the original post.

2a) “if smartthings proxy switch turns on, then turn on Wi-Fi device.“
2b) “ if smartthings proxy switch turns off, then turn off the Wi-Fi device.”
2c) “ if Wi-Fi device turns on, then turn on the SmartThings proxy switch.“
2d) “If Wi-Fi device turns off, then turn off the smartthings proxy switch.”

I have a Tuya smart switch which is installed in my kitchen, I can use the swtich to power the light on and off fine but want to integrate it to smart things, I have set it up like above

Kitchen Light = Smartthings Virtual switch
Kitchen Light Switch = Tuya Smart Switch

I created 4 applets as above

If Kitchen Light switched on, then turn on Kitchen Light Switch

If Kitchen Light switched off, then turn off Kitchen Light Switch

If Kitchen Light Switch is turned on, then Switch on Kitchen Light

If Kitchen Light Switch is turned off, then turn off Kitchen Light Switch

Now when it is set up like this I seem to get stuck in a loop of the light powering on and off by itself, so for instance if I switch it on via the switch it will constantly turn off and on, same via using the smart switch. when I check the live logging I never see any anything happen in there for Kitchen light swtich but I do get these errors under IFTTT

f907e997-b7bc-41cc-b58c-65a36a83b650 17:31:32: error Error parsing ifttt payload OK

To stop the light powering on and off in an infinate loop I need to disable 2 of the applets for the WiFi switch

That’s the same device on both sides of the IF/then, is that what you have?

Also, what Ifttt channel are you using for the tuya devices?


I am using the Brilliant smart IFTTT channel, it is not the same device on both sides.

As above I have 1 Tuya Hardware Wifi Switch named “Kitchen Light switch” and 1 Virtual switch named
“Kitchen Light” within smart things.

so my first applet I logged into IFTTT and set up
"If Smartthings ‘Kitchen Light’ Switched on, Then with Brilliant Smart ‘Kitchen Light Switch’ switch on
Then made a second applet in the same way to switch off in the same format as above.

I then went onto create my 3rd applet in IFTTT
If BrilliantSmart ‘Kitchen Light switch’ switched on, then turn on smartthings ‘Kitchen Light’
And again done the same for the power off part which means I have 4 applets in total.

Sorry, I rely on voice reader software And I’m just having a really hard time following your post. Hopefully somebody else will be able to help.

No problem, thanks.

Brilliant not working in IFTTT - when creating the ‘Then’ part off an applet and selecting Brilliant Service, it just shows ‘Options Unavailable’ and not a list of switches configured in the Brilliant App.

You would need to get in touch with brilliant about that, but I’m not surprised if they got flooded with way more users than they can handle.

Apilio may be another alternative, they have some staff members who post in this forum. But they have a different business model: instead of using Ifttt to make physical devices more salable, they charge a subscription for using their service. There is a free tier, but I don’t know how much you can do with it.



@DeekB This random on/off behavior seems to have started a few months ago. I had 6 Tuya type switches running with Smart Life App and Global Suite. I had IFTTT set up same way you do and two way comms worked fine at first then started the random on/off behavior so I disconnected all Global to ST applets so that I was just running one way ST to Global… Soon thereafter, Global became disabled and now doesn’t support Tuya devices. I set up Brilliant Smart exactly like I had Global set up and same results - random on/off so I have also now disconnected all Brilliant to ST applets and just use ST to Brilliant. At first when I set up Brilliant yesterday, IFTTT was not picking up the devices but they were there this morning so I was able to create all of my applets. I use IFTTT so that when I get a Security alarm in ST it turns on all of the lights that are run off of these Tuya switches, so not bothered that I can’t update switch status in ST if I manually turn a switch on/off or use the Brilliant app to do so. Just glad there is a solution to still be able to control these switches from ST. Thanks Brilliant Smart!

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