Question on using ST and Hubitat together

Anyone use a Hubitat with their ST? What is your experience? And further thoughts?

Hard to get working. Fantastic once you do.

What do you mean exactly? Two different hubs that do the same thing. Are you wanting to run them in parallel? Secondary controller? Working on migrating from one to the other? Need more information.

There are several community members using both, and hubitat has some code which allows you to set up proxy switches to make that easier. I think most people using both are using hubitat because it runs locally but there are still a number of cloud devices which will work better with SmartThings.

I’d suggest asking over on the hubitat forum. It’s a question they would welcome, and you will probably get more answers there:

There’s also an active thread in this forum where you can see both positive and negative comments:

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Was simply curious as it keeps posting ad on my Facebook. LOL. The big driver it looks is because it is local, but then I am not sure how much local that my v2 hub if you are connect to amazon, ring, etc…

I have moved about half my sensors, almost all TTS messages, and some lighting automations to Hubitat, while my keypads, SHM and my SHM Delay app (wont be needed on Hubitat) are still running on ST. ST functions like nothing happened, incuding ActionTiles.

The magic is done using two Hubitat apps that run on both systems allowing for an orderly transition although many settings on both systems need to be adjusted when moving a sensor. The apps are:

  1. Hub Link - Sends St device data to Hubitat. Official Hubitat app. View only of SmartThings devices in Hubitat
  2. Other Hub - send Hubitat device data to ST Classic app. View and control Hubitat devices in SmartThings

This allows me to move one sensor at a time. Then after doing all the necessary settings changes. my ST system continues to function.


Forget that. The latest app for doing this is HubConnect, that all that is needed it’s bi-directional


Necropost but @arnb is this still working with all the changes to the new app in ST?

I’m 100% Hubitat. With all the ST changes I have no idea.

Suggest asking on the Hubitat Community HubConnect forum shown above

Yes, it’s still working for my devices. My Downstairs Bath is all Hubitat using HubConnect to sync with ST.

Since I already migrated I don’t think I can add any smartapps as classic is not updating.

You should still be able to add and interact with SmartApps even after migrating to the new app.

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I actually can’t. I get network or server error occurred until I clear cache. My Hue B Smart, MyQ and most of my zigbee devices are not working since migrating. Likely it is the DHC or Smartapp. But since I can’t update classic I’m stuck.

I was thinking if moving all non ZWave devices to HA and see if webcore, rooms manager, Hue B Smart, Echo Speaks are on that platform.

MyQ works if you have updated the code

I just updated, we will see.