Integrating Homekit with my full SmartThings setup? (2019)

So I had SHM working with HomeKit through HomeBridge. Now that I switched to a new phone and logged into my new phone for the first time. I have now lost a ton routines and SHM in the classic app. I assume this is because of the new migration to the new app.

Anyone know of a way to have STHM from the new app work with HomeKit?
Its a bummer as I finally figured out how to setup Exit delay over the weekend and now I just lost all of it.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did do a search without success. Newbie here!

I literally just answered this in the post right above yours. You will have to put a virtual switch in to be recognized by HomeKit and have that virtual switch activate a scene that you create in the new app to change the security.mode. It’s a little clunky, but it should work. :sunglasses:

got it working…Thanks so much!

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I’ve had success using another method. I used IFTTT to make a webhook trigger my device(s), then created a recipe in the iOS Shortcuts app to “getURL” of the webhook. You can name this shortcut anything you like, and Siri will carry it out for you. It also works with pretty much any brand that’s in IFTTT

That gives you Siri voice control, but it’s not actually HomeKit integration. You can’t use that method to add a smartthings control device to a HomeKit automation, for example. So Siri control is one thing, HomeKit integration is something else. :sunglasses:

I just went through the same process with wanting to convert to Siri voice & HomeKit integration.
The switch was actually simple! No hardware at all! The actual setup took <30mins. I now have ALL Smartthings Devices in HomeKit - used for device control, automations, and Siri.

My System:
Home Assistant, setup on a VirtualBox running Ubuntu: Hassio with Docker.

  • Hassio/Virtualbox: Video Virtualbox/Hassio setup/ Guide
  • Install Smartthings integration, discover your devices.
  • Strongly consider whether you want to use the direct integrations with HA or want to merely use HA as a bridge to Homekit, ie: if integrating Hue + ST separately - you may have to create new naming. You can also use “ignore” commands to get rid of classes/groups etc.
  • Sign into Home Assistant Cloud Service (provides https, remote control, and Alexa/Google integrations). You have 30 days free so just try it.
  • Once your devices “entities” are configured and your naming system is setup, just type “homekit:” into your configuration.yaml file and all of your entities will be discovered in homekit (can be used with Siri).

I was incredibly surprised with how easy it was! The problem now is the time spent customizing/integrating! I love having a new toy, and it has been fun playing with! I only have a few devices that Home Assistant wasn’t able to discover independently, so I’m investigating all of the integrations to verify whether HA itself is powerful enough to run without ST.

Good luck!

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