Integrate D-Link DSP Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

I thought I had read that the ST Hub v2 would control D-Link’s Smart Plugs, but I only see Wi-Fi cameras listed. Searching for “D-Link Smart Plug” resulted in 0 hits, so I thought I would see if it could be added to someone’s consideration.

Pls don’t take this the wrong way, but there are A LOT of smart outlets that smartthings supports including ones that are less expensive, smaller and more reliable. I’m kinda curious on why you want this particular smart outlet.

Seems like the price is in range, but the reviews aren’t great and there are plugs that certainly would be more stable than this for the next few months (if a device were developed) based on reviews. A good start with SmartThings is the native one, OR the AEON DSC if you need more power.

No offense, guys, but I wasn’t looking for suggestions on which smart plug to buy. I already own two of these, and was disappointed that SmartThings doesn’t yet support them, when I had read that they do. Apparently that was mistaken.

It might be possible with a cloud to cloud devicetype, and service manager, but if the device is as unstable as the Amazon reviews indicate, it will be a hard sell to get someone to spend the time to code it into an ecosystem with its own growing pains.
For what it’s worth, if you can still return them… I would. My 2 cents.

I have one of these switches (DSP-W215), and ended up here with the same question, more in terms of pre-purchase for a Smarththings V2 hub.

From my experience I have had little in the way of problem with the d-Link switch. It always makes me wonder whether I was just lucky, or perhaps the Amazon reviews are a little negative. I note some of them are older than a year, which for new tech can be a significant firmware update from being a totally different product.

Installed, connected, single firmware update, then it was away.

The form-factor of the switch is a little better than (say) the current WeMo offerings. dLink are not a minute player, so it would seem that there would be demand for this.

How it would be done I have no idea, but the switch is not the dud that some Amazon users are reporting.

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Wondering if there has been any progress with this. Like others I thought this would be relatively easy to set up on smartthings but it doesn’t seems to be.

Any one with any ideas how to get going on smartthings?

I actually have two D-Link smart plugs I manage them though IFTTT, I created two virtual switches in my smartthings hub then used IFTTT to link the dlink to the virtual switch so now I can then it off and on from smartthings only draw back its not today communication if I turn it on manually the switch in smartthings still shows as off

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I’ve got one I purchased recently and working perfectly with home-assistant. I’ve just bought a load of smart things goodies including the HUB and I’m now faced with porting my MagicHome LED Wifi controllers and the D-Link stuff to smartthings (I like being on one system and I certainly like groovy more than python)…

I’ll post here when I get something working and put my code into github.

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Since D-Link hasn’t bothered to add SmartThings support it’s obvious they’re not serious about their “connected home” product line. They’re going after the average consumer who received an Echo for Christmas and want to turn a light on and off.

I’m a noob. I just got my smart things hub today. I have 2 d-link plugs and I saw this post trying to figure out how to get then to work with smart things. I created my the virtual switch as you stated, but cannot figure out how to link it to IFTTT. I did find an alexa applet, but the d-link works natively with alexa. I’m trying to make the virtual switch work in smartthings. It’s set up, but when I toggle the on/off button in smartthings nothing happens. Can you tell me what I’m missing. I though this was a reply to Alexander_Roe, but will take advice from anyone. Thanks

I have similar setup, made my virtualswitch visible to ifttt and it works. During evening hours when ifttt servers are overloaded with requests i do see a delay though at times. See if this helps.

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I appreciate the response, but I can’t even find the applets you have pictured. Are the SmartThings applets different for Android vs apple? I’m on Android. Or what is the best way tofind the applets you sent me pics of? I went through all the applets in SmartThings and could not find what you sent.

I am adding a screenshot guide to create applet for on action. repeat it for off action.

Follow the number trail

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That’s the best tutorial I’ve ever seen. Clean and simple. Thank you very much

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Anyone know if a custom device handler has been created for Dlink wifi smart plugs yet? more specifically DSP-W215? Looking to control the wifi plug directly from smartthings and or relay some energy data to Grovestreams? Is this possible, searched the entire net and not found anything

Hello, hopefully someone can give me some assistance.

I just set up my ST hub today. I’ve been reading thru this @Kinshuk_Makkad post about adding control for my two D-Link smart switches using IFTTT. I’m up to the 6th step in the post, but after I select “home”, I dont have any thing listed under “Allow IFTTT to control these things”. See the below screen shot. Hopefully this is a simple step that I’m missing to get something to show up there??

Thanks in advance.

I figured out my issue. On the web page in my screen shot above, I needed to go to the “My Locations” tab and from that tab select my Hub. Then I was able to add 2 devices, which showed up on the “Authorize IFTTTT” page. I could then follow the screen shots farther up in this post to create an IFTTT between ST and the D-Link switches.

I’m on my way!!!