Installing a Leviton Vizia RF Dimmer in a 4-way configuration

I apologize in advance if this isn’t the right forum section for this kind of question.

I just received a VRMX-1LZ dimmer along with 2 VP00R-1LZ remotes that I plan on installing in a location that currently has an existing dimmer (Lightolier EasySet) with 2 remotes. The existing wiring appears to have the line and load both in one box, with a traveller running to box 2 and continuing on to box 3. What seems unusual to me is that the existing controlling dimmer is at the end of the traveller circuit (box 3) rather than the box with line and load.

The included documentation for 3-way with the Vizias only shows the dimmer with a single remote (with the red traveller acting as kind of a data communication wire). I think I can repurpose the traveller to provide the hot+neutral+data to both the Vizia remotes (perhaps that’s how the existing dimmer is working), but I’m not certain how to wire up both remotes. Can I wire up the yellow/red connections in parallel?

Does anyone have any ideas or experience on how to wire up 2 V{00R-1LZ remotes?

Here’s a link to the manual with instruction on how to hookup 2 remote switches.


Thanks, Ray. That’s just what I was looking for!