Leviton 3 way wiring question

I had tremendous success here yesterday getting help, so taking another shot at it!

I have a three way switch that has neutral only where the power comes in. Can i re-purpose one of the travelers at the remote location to use as a neutral and bundle it in at the main box? I’ve attached a diagram

Yes, you can use the spare traveler for your neutral. Just beware that the Leviton remote switch needs neutral, line and traveler. GE addon needs only neutral and traveler.

Awesome, thank you.

I have 2 switches for leviton, 1 is the remote switch and one is the actual dimmer. The directions say that the remote is the one that the power (line) comes into, the dimmer is the destination. In the diagram above, can I use the remote for power in, pigtail the device to the neutral bundle, wire a black from remote to light, regular red traveler, and white wired from neutral bundle pig tailed and wired over to the dimmer?

Then, on the dimmer side just have the 3 wires, the red traveler, the black to the load, and the original white pig tailed to the white of the remote and bundled into the neutral?

I;m left with only 3 wires into the dimmer, and I’m not sure if this is doable in that setup.