Installation of accredited alarm system with SmartThings integration

Am about to do a full re-wire of a house during a major house renovation. I am going to be installing Fibaro Dimmer 2s at all light circuits. I want to implement full Home Automation using motion sensors (and other sensors) - such as ‘if person is in living room, turn on the lights’.

However, I want to use an accredited Alarm System and company to do so (ie to install the motion sensors), as a well functioning alarm system is as much of a priority as Home Automation.

What are my options in terms of integrating the wired motion sensors that are going to be installed by the Security Company, with SmartThings? I have seen the Konnected threads, but this is generally to replace rather than supplement a professionally installed alarm system.

Maybe it is as simple as recommending what motion sensors should be used by the Security Company? Or perhaps installing the Konnected system in parallel with the Alarm System’s control panel (although I did see a thread on this which suggested a number of problems and not sure whether they were fully resolved).

Any advice appreciated! Thanks.

You could wire in parallel with your alarm system. But that’s going to be a wiring nightmare. And that’s if your “accredited” alarm company uses wired sensors. ADT is all wireless now. Have you looked at the ADT/SmartThings integration? That might be just the ticket you’re looking for.

That’s assuming you’re in the US. You don’t mention in your post if you’re UK or US.

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Sorry, should have mentioned that I am in the UK. The sensors will be wired sensors. The Security Company is proposing using Bosch BlueLine PIR detectors. I can try ask them to wire different sensors, if I knew what the better options might be for integration with SmartThings.

Any ideas? Thanks.

@heythisisnate’s is working on way to run Konnected modules concurrently with a monitored traditional alarm panel.

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