Inovelli Out Of Stock?

Hey @JDRoberts, @Kyle1977, and anyone else who would like to have an update.

I’m at the manufacturer right now talking about the universal compatibility and here’s the issue that we’re running into and may be a roadblock here, unfortunately.

The issue is that it appears that a lot of RF Modules (kits) use 915 MHz or 433 MHz (with the majority of them at 915 – I sent about 5 different name-brands and all ended up being 915 MHz). Since our switch will have Z-Wave inside as well as RF, there will be significant interference with 915 MHz since Z-Wave uses 908.42 MHz. The issue with 433 MHz is that the antenna is supposedly huge (so much so they were all laughing… idk lol).

They are recommending 2.4 GHz – I’m not sure how many modules out there run on 2.4 GHz.

They’re still looking into it for interference issues, but they are pretty confident if both frequencies are in the same switch, there will be interference. We asked them how it’s possible Z-Wave, ZigBee, BT and WiFi can be in the same HUB, and they said that the HUB’s are larger first of all, and second they antennas are facing different directions.

Anyway, thought I’d give an update here. I’m a little bummed as this means I have to climb up on the ladder to replace my RF modules, but I guess it is what it is.

Any thoughts or insights? I’ll admit this isn’t my forte so I’m learning too about this hardware stuff.


2.4 gigahertz is very common, it’s used by multiple protocols including zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

But that’s just the frequency. It doesn’t mean you can send commands that will be understood even if they are received.

Think of it like a post office which has strict regulations on the size and shape of the envelopes it will allow. The envelopes are the frequency.

The language in which the letter inside is written is the protocol. Just because you have the right size envelope doesn’t mean that the recipient will be able to read and understand your letter if you don’t both speak the same language.

If you want to essentially take a bond device and put it into a switch, to handle the most common frequencies for fans, I suppose you could do that. But it’s going to be big, which is exactly why devices like the bond and broadlink are designed as tabletop remotes instead of wall switches.

I just think the physics are against you here.

I preordered the new dimmer switch and recently received the following email:
Hi, Your pre-order product is released and now is available on the site. Your order details are shown below for your reference.

Per the conversations above, I thought the switches were still under developement and working through issues. Are these orders shipping now? If not, what does this email mean?

Will you guys be making any more models with toggle switches? I know flat switches are all the rage now, but a toggle switch for my kitchen would be more convenient.

Yeah, unfortunately I don’t have any type of solution for you. I just had a conceptual idea based on my DIY experience with various brands of wireless ceiling fans and setting up my own z-wave smart home with about 25 or so connected devices. I’m good at installing products that are available and programming the z-wave devices to work well together and effectively automate many aspects of my home (as well as integrating them with Alexa controls and non-z-wave Alexa capable products), but I know very little about the technical details that make it all possible. @JDRoberts seems to have a much better understanding about the technical side of these products than I do.

Either way, a true z-wave capable ceiling fan wall control at a reasonable price would be an amazing addition to the marketplace, even if it requires climbing a ladder and replacing the module in the ceiling fan. It seems like the only thing on the market even close to that is the ZigBee version available through Home Depot, but that doesn’t seem like a solution that would work for people who don’t have ZigBee compatible networks already running.

This forum is for people who have the Samsung smartthings home automation platform, and that fortunately supports both zigbee and Zwave. So that’s already covered. :sunglasses:

As far as Zwave options, the equivalent to the Home Depot zigbee Option is One of the several existing Z wave fan switches. They work fine, it’s just that if you also want control of the lighting kit in the fan, then you have to use one of the options described in the community fan control FAQ. But there are definitely options.

FAQ: 2018 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

What you were originally describing was a fan control that would have both zwave and multiple other frequencies. That’s where the engineering gets very complicated and the cost starts rising to the point where it’s probably not practical. The Home Depot fan control is only zigbee, not other frequency options as well.

Hi Eric,

I stumbled on to Inovelli while researching smart switches for a new home. These look awesome and I’d love to retrofit the whole house with them.

However, I can’t seem to figure out a way to actually pre order them at the moment, and was worried for a second that they were no longer on the market (which is how I found this thread).

Any way you could direct me how I can actually order these? Would love to jump on it while they’re still on the pre order price!


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It is definitely a fun project and I appreciate all the inputs everyone gives. I truly feel like it’s a collaborative project. Believe it or not, my strength is not the technical side either so it’s cool to be able to take these ideas to the engineers and have them explain it to me why or why not it would work.

Anyway, I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress – we should have our first official rendering this week and a 3D CAD file by the 26th with a mockup sample delivered by August 2nd. We’ll see, this is a major project and very complex.

Thanks again and more to come!

EDIT: We got them earlier than expected – here’s the first round rendering. They may change slightly due to electrical component testing, but not by much:


Hey @Joseph_Song – hey, I appreciate the kind words, that means a lot!

Yeah, we shut down pre-orders last week as we had to give the manufacturer a final count since they are moving to production shortly.

Shoot me a PM though and I’ll make sure you get the pre-order price. Happy to help!

Have an awesome night!


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That rendering looks nice and like it will go well with your new dimmer switches that are supposed to come out soon. From looking at it, it looks like there are two on/off buttons, one for the light kit and one for the fans, plus little up/down buttons on the side of each one for manual dimming/fan speed adjustment. Is that correct?

Speaking of the dimmer switches, what’s the status of when those are going to be released? I’ve been eyeballing them for months because they look like a great solution for a 3-way w/ neutral set of ceiling can led lights that I have at the top of my stairs.

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Hey @Kyle1977 – Thanks, I appreciate it! You’re correct, the main square buttons are for On/Off for both the fan and light, whereas the toggles on the left are to dim up/down the lights and increase/decrease the fan speed.

Great question on the release dates for dimmer switches – they should start mass production here in 2-2.5 weeks (I’m being told the 14th of August) so I would guess based on that, we’ll see them the first week of September!

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Sounds great. Do you have any concept of when you’re shooting to have the fan switches available? While I would have loved to seen a more universal fan/light wall switch become available, the effort to switch out the fan controller as well as the switch will probably be worth it for a couple of my fans in main areas that I use a lot because right now I have the Bond controlling most of my fans, which is better than nothing, but is limited in many ways that a Z-Wave product wouldn’t be.

Is it correct to assume that the switch will only be able to control one light kit? One of my fans that I would like to get Z-Wave functionality with has separate up and down light kits.

Yeah totally - so right now we’re being told around Christmas time for the Fan & Light switch combo. Now, take that with a grain of salt as we were promised 3.5 months for our Dimmer Switches and we’re now pushing about 6 months since kickoff.

I do feel more optimistic about this project as the team has really started to mesh and we know our quirks, but I’ve also learned my lesson to not promise release dates, even if they’re estimated as I’ve been dragged through the ringer in a few other forums!

I think so? I’m not too sure what this means but I’m curious to learn!

I won’t drag you, I promise! Just curious about when you’re trying to get the product out there. I think it will be a good addition to the marketplace.

As to the light kits, it’s not super common, but some ceiling fans have two separate light kits. One is the standard kit that hangs below the fan. The other is typically more of an ambiance light that is above the fan and shines up on the ceiling. For the one I have, there are two separate light control buttons on the wall control.

This isn’t the greatest example, but this one has two light kits:

Since you’re going to have a double switch light/fan combo which is like a double dimmer, will you also have a double light dimmer or double light switch?
I think many people would like that.

For mine, both light kits are on dimmers.

We’re not talking about the same thing.

I see an Amazon vendor Eva Logik, that has what looks like the Inovelli dimmer I’m looking for. Is this a copy-cat? or merely re-branded?

Yeah, you’d likely be safe with that – it’s our old manufacturer (we went to a new one). I don’t know what firmware they put on there, but if I had to take a guess they just used our old firmware that we developed together (not salty about it or anything… bad break-up if you’re picking up what I’m putting down).

Long story short, you should fine with that dimmer!

Hey @NomadTech – we’re entertaining the idea, yeah. In fact, there have been quite a few people reach out to me for it and it was the first topic of discussion in our forum:

I think the idea is picking up steam – and I definitely would like the team to explore it as an option for 2020.

@Kyle1977 – I started a thread in our own community that will keep you updated on the project status as well as gave you a shoutout for the Universal Compatibility idea (!