Inovelli NO Neutral Switch

Was thinking of picking up the Inoveli No Neutral switch to replace a Lutron Caseta. The Inoveli web site states, from 7 months ago, that it will be certified as works with ST device ‘soon’. I checked the ST App and it is not listed there. States it can be added with the Classic app, but with a loss of some functions. Anyone have more information on this? Anyone using this switch now and if so what functions are lost by installing it through the Classic App?

First, which model of switch are you looking at? They sell multiple switches that don’t require a neutral.

I don’t have these switches myself, but based on my understanding I think you might be a bit confused. Where are you reading “can be added with the Classic app, but with a loss of some functions”?

I believe the advanced functions are only available if you use custom device handlers and the classic app, and it’s using the new app that causes you to lose the advanced functions. This is the case for numerous devices. I think some of the more advanced functions for the red series model also require the use of the community developed “advanced button controller” smartapp, which also doesn’t work well with the new app. The advanced functions you’ll not be able to access with the new app vary depending on the model of switch, but include notifications and control of the led’s.

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Yeah… I feel your frustration lol.

Great questions – so, as @MinerJason mentioned, it’s actually the new app that you lose functionality as it does not have a lot of the advanced customizations as the Classic.

In fact, @MinerJason basically took the words right out of my mouth! Appreciate it and @JoeK if you have any further questions, I’m happy to help!

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The Black series Switch. I don’t have a 3 way or 4 Way need. I only need on/off & dim on a single switch.

Thank you for the info. Am I correct in thinking that the no-neutral Black Switch can only be installed in ST using the Classic App not the New App and when running it from the New App some functions won’t be there.

You should be able to add it to SmartThings with either app, though I’d suggest using Classic. Use of advanced features will require-
a) installing a custom DTH in the IDE (two, actually)
b) using the classic app to access/use the advanced features

There are detailed instructions for installing the DTH on the Inovelli website.

And yes, some advanced functions will not be accessible when using the new app.

Thank you for the information. I just moved from Wink to ST and i’m still adjusting to the differences. I plan on purchasing the Inoveli to replace a Lutron Caseta Switch. I think I’ve done enough research to move ahead without any surprises. Thanks again for your help.

Everyone keeps referring to these “advanced features”. What are some examples?

Agreed. As far as I can tell my new app (I use both simultaneously, migrating as much as I can) is capable of editing both the switch properties/settings/parameters AND using ABC Controller smartapp which controls what the switches do…

I don’t have the switches myself so I’m not 100% sure but my understanding is the primary two are scene control and LED notifications. Maybe @Eric_Inovelli or someone who has the switches can better answer that.

I know with the GE/Jasco DTH features like double tap are available in the classic app but not in the new app. I’m also able to view and edit the LED indicator behavior in the classic app, but not in the new app. On/off/dimming and zwave associations are available in both apps. I assumed it was similar with the Inovelli DTH’s based on what I’ve read here and the Inovelli website, but I’m not sure.

Are you able to control scenes from the switch in the new app? Or see the LED status/notifications?

I am not able to do either of these things. I forgot that I go to the classic app to see these, but I also don’t really USE them as they are triggered, not manually manipulated.

Hi @JoeK, I just purchased a black series dimmer. And I’m not able to connect it to the new ST app. The dimmer switch is installed in a single pole configuration and it works just fine. In the ST app I scanned the bar code that came with the dimmer, but ST can’t find it. Any ideas?
I’m wondering if you manage to install yours?

I have a few red series dimmers, to add them to the hub, in the classic app I just add a device clicking on the + button in the home section of the app, put the dimmer in pairing mode by pressing the button on the upper right of the dimmer 3 times and the app found the switch. I had the drivers already installed using the developer dashboard. No barcode reading necessary.

Thanks a lot, I managed finally to add the dimmer to ST but it worked only in the classic app, after putting the device in pair mode (the 3x pushes on the config button) as you mentioned.
Because I don’t need any special features, I didn’t install any device handlers. It worked without, out of the box.

I still don’t understand (in the context where Samsung tries to get rid of the Classic app), WHY companies like Inovelli (that I like a lot) are not certifying their devices with the new ST app?

I believe inovelli is trying to certify their hardware, in their web site they say it is coming anytime. I believe they submitted certification to Samsung but they are waiting for Samsung to do their part.
By the way once the switch is paired you can control it using the new app.

Just installed a Black series in a no neutral setup and it seems to be working. It took me several tries before I got it to pair.

The initial config was a little tricky, I am a bit color blind so in a couple of steps I wasn’t 100% sure it was flashing the right color. I hate things that use color lights.

I wasn’t sure it would work without the bypass but it seems to be. The fixture has 3 LEDS in it that were rated at 6W each. I think I see a little flicker when it dims and it won’t dim as low as my GE dimmers with neutrals. With these bulbs I can go all the way down to 1% with teh GE dimmer but with this it shuts off around 30%. That’s OK though, before I just could turn it off and on using a Third reality switch.

So if I lose power do I have to go through the configuration to get it back to a no neutral setup. I think it maintains it’s configuration but does anyone know for sure. About to go look on the Invovelli site

Configuration is maintained through a power outage. When you disconnect the air gap all preferences are maintained.

That said there is one setting for when power restored, restore, on (100%) or off I believe are the settings. Default is off, I set mine to restore.

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