Inovelli Blue Series Led Bar Question

In Smartthings I am trying to change the LED bar color on a blue series dimmer (notification) on an event without turning on/off the device. Example: When my tankless water heater is in recirculation mode I would like to change the LED bar to red on the shower light switch. However, Smartthing wants to turn on the shower light as well. Any suggestions?

Yup! I have several of those blue series switches and love them. I also set the LED bar to a pulsing red when my security system is armed.

Set your notification effect, color, level and duration as you want, BUT in the section above to control the actual light, tap “Turn On” to remove it from the automation:


When your notification needs to stop when your water heater mode stops, just have another automation that sets the notification effect to “Clear Notification”, and make sure to also deselect the “Turn On” option.

:man_facepalming: - the developer in me assumed they were mutually exclusive radio buttons. Without a “No Change” option, I was lost.


Yeah, some of the UI designs/decisions in the “new” app are a bit odd.

How are you tapping into your tankless hot water recirculation mode? Do you have a smark tankless heater? Or using an energy meter?

I have a Rinnai RU with SmartCirc and a Control-r Wifi Module. It is a bit complicated because Alexa can turn on circulation on command - but ST cannot. However Alexa can monitor an ST Virtual Lock which I use for both a switch and a sensor. I setup a Alexa routine that watches the lock status. Unlock starts circulation, which shuts off automatically after the water stops flowing. Then I set up a ST routine that locks the virtual lock upon unlock after a 10 minute delay. If you don’t have a Rinnai you can use a plug in lamp switch on your circulation pump.


Thanks for the info!