Inovelli Black Series sale

Black Series Discontinuation Announcement (and Sale!)


The current models still have the series 500 zwave chips, right? Any idea when their series 700 will be available?

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Yes, correct – 500 Series. We haven’t announced when the 700 will be available, but we’ve kicked off the project of converting them to 700 Series and it will likely be done Q4 :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait! I need to convert my entire home and am waiting on series 700 (for the new features you mentioned c/would be added) or Zigbee (likely the latter if feature equivalent). Also, it would be best for the fan controller to be released too before I start the work so I don’t have to rework the rooms twice.

Will all the features of the new chip be compatible with the smartthings hub?

We’re trying on this one – hopefully soon!

Should be!

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Not the current models, including the new Aeotec hub, because those are still using series 500 chips, not series 700. Some series 700 features do require a series 700 hub as well.

For example, you will get longer range from the switch to the hub, but not the other way around. And you can’t get support for Z wave plus V2 until the hub supports it.

But the end device itself will have some of the advantages, such as lower power utilization.


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Ah, thanks for clarifying – I thought @all4dom was referencing the firmware features (ie: the enhancements @aruffell was talking about) not the 700 series chipset enhancements (ie: range, faster processing, etc).

My fault, I read that too fast! You are correct :slight_smile:


Since he asked about “all the features of the chip“ not “all the features of the switch,” I thought the 700 series issue might be relevant. :sunglasses:

I guess with aeotech just releasing the new smartthings hub, its going to be awhile before we see a new hub. Btw … didnt mean to cause any confusion @Eric_Inovelli . Thank you @JDRoberts for explaining everything.

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Lol, yeah you’re totally right – when I saw your response, I went back and re-read it and put my tail between my legs haha!

No worries @all4dom – best of luck on your smart home. If you need anything, I’m happy to help!