Initial State SmartApp Updated (power and energy monitoring)

(Jamie Bailey) #1

The purpose of the Initial State SmartApp is to give you an easy way to store and visualize SmartThings events over time. This integration might matter to you if you need to see more than just the last few days worth of SmartThings events as those events are not stored anywhere long-term without an external integration such as this. This integration automatically creates a dashboard and some other interactive data visualizations from your events that you access from your web browser. Instructions on how to enable this integration can be found here.

We’ve had quite a few requests to add energy and power monitoring to our SmartThings integration as well as a few other SmartThings capabilities. After working directly with SmartThings over the past few weeks a new integration has been put in place and now you can see energy consumption, power use, battery levels, accelerometer motion and more! You can see a complete list of the capabilities that our integration now supports here: .

In addition to the new capabilities, the new SmartApp integration now buffers events. This means that events are no longer sent the instant they happen, but instead after a number of events have occurred or a span of time has lapsed. This was done by request of the SmartThings team to make the integration more reliable. For more information about buffering, check out the buffering section of this article.

(Brian) #2

Ok, first glance, this looks awesome.

(Richard) #3

Very Nice, i was just thinking of writing an smartapp to monitor my power usage but this is much better.