Individually Addressable LED

Is there any way I can control individually addressable LED strips using Smartthings or webCoRE in a similar way to the Lifx Z Strip or the WLED app?



What controller are you going to use for your addressable LEDs? There are a lot of different options out there but most of them have their own custom REST API’s or MQTT/HA integration. Not many for ST unfortunately. There are a ton of different threads on the forum if you search for Addressable LEDs.

I use a combination of two solutions. One is McLighting for special affects. It has a HTTP REST API so it is easy to control. The other is DIYHue. It provides a solution where your strips connect to the DIYHue bridge (any machine on your network that can run python, i run it on a raspberry pi) and then the bridge looks like any other hue bridge to ST. Works very well.



Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried NodeMCU and WLED. But, that only works via WiFI and not via my Smartthings (only a V2 hub).

I’m trying to find a Zigbee controller that does something similar - and if it does, can smartthings replicate the scenes from the App etc.

I’m going to download the required items for that McLighting and give that a go though. WLED app seems very clunky and slow.

Thanks again for the reply.


I don’t know of any zigbee controllers for Digital LED strips.