Does this type of light strip exist?

(Josh) #1

I am looking for an LED light strip that allows the changing of individual lights, or sections of the strip independently of the rest of the strip. for example, instead of having to change the entire strip blue, or red, or whatever, I want to be able to set one section blue, another red, and another yellow or something. Do they make these or do I have to get creative using multiple light strips?

(Realy Living Dream) #2

They make them ( usually for those over the top Holiday light displays) with individually addressable lights. They will definitely take a big bite out of your wallet though at $10/ft

(Josh) #3

Continuing this…Are there any controllers that allow control of the individual addressable LEDs, that also ties in to ST?

(Jon Rohan) #4

I have a few of these strips before I got Hues. Now I mostly use them for back lighting like above the kitchen cabinets (It’s always the same color.)

I’m not sure of any Z-wave remotes/controllers but you can also use them with Harmony.

(Justin H) #5

Addressable LED strips are available from Sparkfun with a higher LED density and cheaper per meter. I’m using one of these to display the weather forecast for the day. Unfortunately, I don’t know of an off-the-shelf controller available to drive an addressable LED strip, especially something ST-compatible. I’m using a custom circuit board with a microcontroller and zigbee radio to interface with ST. It should also be possible with an Arduino and the ThingShield, but it would be a bit of a project.

(Realy Living Dream) #6

AFAIK the only generic LED controller that works in ST is the Fibaro and I am not familiar enough with it to know if is supports addressable lights. Looking at the comments,questions and reviews it looks like that particular strip is designed to be use with Arduino and RazzPI, so it should be able to be integrated, but it would definitely be a project.